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How often should I spend the night at my boyfriends house?

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Be patient, wait till you are of age, get married and then have sex all you want .... keep in mind though that sex serves two very important purposes: 1. Binding two people together so that they become as one. 2. Having children to whom you will pass on a legacy whether you like it or not.
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Nobody will know how often, except you and your boyfriend.
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Should you let your 13 year old daughter let her boyfriend spend the night?

NO. I mean maybe under certain circumstances, where they are sleeping in separate rooms, but I hope you aren't considering letting them sleep in the same bed. 13 is way too yo

How can you get your parents to let you spend the night with your boyfriend?

Most parents will not allow it because of the obvious chance that  they don't want you fooling around. It's also a bit disrespectful  to some people. What you need to do is

Is it a bad idea to go spend a night at your boyfriends friends house?

If you never were friends with the guy before dating your boyfriend then it probably/may not be the best idea. That tends to look weird, seem like something else is up. What w

Should I be worried about my boyfriend cheating if I found a text on my boyfriends mobile saying I want to spend the night with you no strings attached?

you shoulnt be looking through your boyfriends phone. it is almost definitely the fact that you dont give him any privacy that he wants to cheat on you because you are so inse