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How often should I spend the night at my boyfriends house?

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Be patient, wait till you are of age, get married and then have sex all you want .... keep in mind though that sex serves two very important purposes: 1. Binding two people together so that they become as one. 2. Having children to whom you will pass on a legacy whether you like it or not.
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Nobody will know how often, except you and your boyfriend.
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Does your ex-boyfriend want you back if he starts to call you and wants you to visit and spend the night at his house?

 Please don't be so eager to patch things up. Make him work for your attention and going over to his house to spend the night is not the way to do it. He could be on the up

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Who does Zoey from the House of Night choose for her boyfriend?

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What should you wear to your boyfriends house?

you should wear something like a belly top and jeans or leggings something that says im not trying to look sexy but i dont want to look like i havent put any effort into looki

Should you let your 13 year old daughter let her boyfriend spend the night?

NO. I mean maybe under certain circumstances, where they are sleeping in separate rooms, but I hope you aren't considering letting them sleep in the same bed. 13 is way too yo

How can you get your parents to let you spend the night with your boyfriend?

Most parents will not allow it because of the obvious chance that  they don't want you fooling around. It's also a bit disrespectful  to some people. What you need to do is

How much time should you spend with your boyfriend?

Enough to keep him happy. There is always going to be factors such as a job, school, his friends, family time. It depends on the relationship and the people in them. Some

When your 18 year old daughter comes home from college she wants to spend the nights at her boyfriends apartment should you allow this and why?

You should allow it and you can't forbid her when she's is 18. She lives with you and should follow the rules of the household but she is an adult now and legally you actually
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