How often should a female perform a breast cancer self examination?

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Once a month is a good idea, this way you will know your body and will notice any changes that might occur.

How is a breast self-examination done?

When lying down, place a pillow under the right shoulder and position the right arm behind the head. Using the finger pads of the three middle fingers on the left hand, check

What is the purpose of a breast self-examination?

By combining a BSE with a mammography and clinical breast examination, a woman is offered the best opportunity for reducing chances of death from breast cancer through early

How do you perform Breast Self Examination?

Lie on bed or if you want, stand in front of mirrror.Take off your bra and with hands and fingers gently cup and feel for any bumps.Make sure you take your time and its though
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What is breast self examination?

To poke, prod and squeeze the breasts to check for lumps. A lump may be cancer, and the sooner it's discovered, the better the chances for survival are.