How old do you have to be in order to volunteer at a pet store or shelter?

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you can ether get in or help by being 16 or if your younger and the owner is nice you can be a little younger
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Can 13 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

In some of them, you can. But not like the Humane Society though. You have to be eighteen to volunteer there. But if you find just some plain old animal shelter, I am very sur

Can you be 11 years old in order to work in a pet store?

No you cant be eleven and work in a pet store.They sent me away (im twelve) but the lady in the flower shop said she would pay me and i could help in the back but its not a fu
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Should pets be adopted from a pet store a shelter?

Definately you should adopt from a shelter. There are so manyanimals dying in shelters because people buy from breeders. Mostpet stores get there dogs from "puppy mills" which