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How to apply the application form to enter Al-Azhar university I'm from Malaysiajhjkh?

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I am from Malaysia. I had interest to study in quranic language. However, I do not know about Arabic language cause i do not study about it before. So, what should i do? Besides i am interest to study abour quran and hadith. If i have chance to study there, how to register into it? If can i want to choose online application form.
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I need the way to get scholarship at Al-azhar University?

salam, my people here in cameroon call muslims without any knowledge of their religion; so it would be my pleasure if you channel me to study in your country in order to help (MORE)

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Is there any Distance Learning at Al Azhar university of Cairo?

Yes. Al Azhar has two courses that are offered online. The first is the B.A. Islamic Studies. This course is full time course that requires students to enrol in a minimum of 5 (MORE)

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How do you get an application form?

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