How to apply the application form to enter Al-Azhar university I'm from Malaysiajhjkh?

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I am from Malaysia. I had interest to study in quranic language. However, I do not know about Arabic language cause i do not study about it before. So, what should i do? Besides i am interest to study abour quran and hadith. If i have chance to study there, how to register into it? If can i want to choose online application form.
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I need the way to get scholarship at Al-azhar University?

salam, my people here in cameroon call muslims without any knowledge of their religion; so it would be my pleasure if you channel me to study in your country in order to help (MORE)

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Yes. Al Azhar has two courses that are offered online. The first is the B.A. Islamic Studies. This course is full time course that requires students to enrol in a minimum of 5 (MORE)
In Egypt

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