How to develop the Barack Valley of Assam?

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Make a corruption free environment.Development of transport,health and education system. Make a state anticorruption body,make a separate barak valley development council,complete the central govt grant projects in fixed time with honest and good quality of work.People have to give votes only to honest and efficient politicians.Most importantly---the people have to become more responsible,hardworking and think broadly and globally,and work unitedly irrespective of religion,cast and colour.
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What is the capital of Assam?

Assam is a north eastern state of India its capital is Dispur (Guwahati-781005) Dispur, It's a locality of Guwahati itself. It's PIN Code is 781005

Why did early civilizations develop in the valley of Huang He?

Early civilizations developed near any river valleys. The most common river valleys was the Nile RIver of Egypt, Tigris and Euphrates river in the fertile crescent and the yellow river/Huang he river in china. the reason for the settlement near the river valleys was the fertile land. Nomads did not (MORE)

What are the baracks?

the baracks are acually the obamas. Barack Obama is married to Micheal Obama and they have two little girls and a poodle like, black dog.

Dishes in assam?

u can cook cheken in 100 types n mutton in 101 types in assam ,i hope now u can predict the no. of dishes in assam...

What is Assam famous for?

Assam is famous for its tea and wildlife. Its famous wildlife parks are Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Saikhowa National Park and Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. Assam tea usually refers to strong black tea which the region is best-known for. Assam black tea is one of the main component (MORE)

Why land of assam is called assam valley?

Officially it is not recognised. It is just a verbal name due to its name Assam. It is called valley because majority land is valley. Actually the state has two valley - Brahmaputra and Barak valley. These names came from two main river of the State. With the name of Assam valley people wanted to in (MORE)

Explain why the first civilizations all developed in river valleys?

The land in river valleys is very fertile. It is easier to herd animals when the land is flat. Water is a very essential thing for humans and before wells it was easiest to get it from rivers. Water can provide power, and assist trade.and also the river gives us food like fish etc.

In which direction assam is?

Assam is situated in far east side of India sorrunded by a number of forign nations. It is a beautiful land of evergreen forest and a number of wild animal like Rhino and Eliphant.

WHERE DID the first great river valley civilizations develop?

Because archaelogical resuts relate to the number of archaeologists, the first great riverine civilizations discovered were those of the Nile (the ancient Egyptians) and of the Tigris -Euphrates system in Iran/Iraq (The Sumerians). In the 1920-30s Mortimer Wheeler then uncovered the big brick-built (MORE)

Why does a valley breeze develop?

Cumulus clouds that appear above isolated mountain peaks are oftenthe result of a valley breeze. A valley breeze would develop itsmaximum strength in the early afternoon.

Earliest civilizations developed in the river valleys of?

Earliest recorded civilisations grew up between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in modern day Iraq due to the good soil needed for cops to be grown which allowed humans to become farmers and settle in one place rather than hunter/gatherers and keep migrating. This way, early humans started to plan f (MORE)

How to develop Assam by using natural resources?

1)Promoting foreign investments. 2)Developing trade business with Bangladesh,mayanmar,nepal and China. 3)Development of agriculture. 4)development of small towns. 5)development of new ecofriendly industrial areas. 6)developing the state transport and communication system.7)Making the Health and Educ (MORE)

Where is Assam?

Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.

How does mass-wasting contribute to the development of stream valleys?

Mass wasting is the downslope movement of soil and weathered rock debris. Streams can deepen valleys by downcutting (erosion), but widening or enlarging of the valley via erosion of the sides or slopes is accomplished largely through mass wasting. Mass wasting delivers the weathered rock material an (MORE)

How did geographic features of the nile river valley affect development of ancient Egypt?

The geographic features of the Nile River valley affected what theancient Egyptians did in their daily lives. The Nile River was thecentral point by which the crops were irrigated, drinking waterlocated, and trade was established. During the rainy season, theNile River would flood and irrigate the l (MORE)

How do you develop Hailakandi District of Assam?

1) The people should give vote to efficien t and honest peoples. 2) Develope business with neighbouring states like Mizoram,Tripura,Manipur and the neighbouring countries like Mayanmar,Bangladesh etc .3) Improving the standard of education and healht system.4) Increasing the quality of road (MORE)

What role did the family have encouraging or discouraging development of Barack Obama talent or interest?

While Barack Obama had little contact with his biological father (by most accounts, they only met on two occasions), his mother was determined to see him succeed, even though his biological father was not a presence in his life, and a second marriage also did not work out. His mother encouraged her (MORE)

Where were the early river valley civilization developed?

The earliest civilizations known, where developed along the river valleys of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. It even says in the Bible the the garden of Eden was near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The Mesopotamia, was one of the earliest civilizations, and they were based off of those two rivers (MORE)

Why did civilizations develop along river valleys?

Civilisation rests on surplus, where the initial scramble to make a living by hunting and gathering, then primitive agriculture, and the accociated predatory tribes who batten on it, are replaced by productivity which provides a living plus a surplus which allows a degree of effort and resources to (MORE)

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