How to develop the Barack Valley of Assam?

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Make a corruption free environment.Development of transport,health and education system. Make a state anticorruption body,make a separate barak valley development council,complete the central govt grant projects in fixed time with honest and good quality of work.People have to give votes only to honest and efficient politicians.Most importantly---the people have to become more responsible,hardworking and think broadly and globally,and work unitedly irrespective of religion,cast and colour.
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Why land of assam is called assam valley?

Officially it is not recognised. It is just a verbal name due to its name Assam. It is called valley because majority land is valley. Actually the state has two valley - Brahm

Why does a valley breeze develop?

Cumulus clouds that appear above isolated mountain peaks are oftenthe result of a valley breeze. A valley breeze would develop itsmaximum strength in the early afternoon.

How to develop Assam by using natural resources?

1)Promoting foreign investments. 2)Developing trade business with Bangladesh,mayanmar,nepal and China. 3)Development of agriculture. 4)development of small towns. 5)developmen

Where is Assam?

Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.
In Assam

How do you develop Hailakandi District of Assam?

1) The people should give vote to efficien t and honest peoples. 2) Develope business with neighbouring states like Mizoram,Tripura,Manipur and the neighbouring countries