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How to spice up a ham?

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google baked ham recipes
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How can you spice up your marriage?

go to lovers lane were they got tons of sexual toys and lotions that you can use if that doesn't spice it up then i don't know what to say There's a new game out there cal

What spices should be used when boiling a fresh ham?

  Whole bay leaves would work well and a few whole pepper corns. Ham has it's saltiness to it so I wouldn't suggest using any salt in the water. Maybe a pinch of all spice

What is Ham it up?

A ham is an actor who over-acts, or acts melodramatically instead of naturally. Thus, to ham it up means to over-act, to try to be the center of attention, or to be melodramat

Why did the spice girls split up?

Geri (ginger spice) first left because of various reasons but the group still carried on. In 2007 they reunited but the press made rumours so they all sadly agreed put an end

Can dogs eat spiced ham?

Depending on the age and the spiciness. You don't want to give an 8 year old dog a large amount of any human meat.   I would stick to dog food and the occaisonal scrap of n

How can you spice up your life?

Well, first things first. GET A GF. your happiness wil increase and so will the smile of your face :D and umm... something else. Also, maybe try some extreme sports? (absailin
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What is spice up everyday life?

To spice up everyday life means to do something new and excititng everyday and not let a day go by that you are sitting around doing nothing. I hope that this helps!