How to you pronounce Mi sei mancato tanto durante l'estate?

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mee say
mankaato (1st"a" like in "cut", 2nd"a"like in "car", "o" like in "pot")
tanto ("a" like in "cut", "o" like in "pot")
doo - run - te ("te" like in "tell")
less - taa ("a"like in "car") - te ("te" like in "tell")
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How do you pronounce sei bello?

Somewhere between the tightness of 'seh' and the looseness of 'say' is how you pronounce 'sei' in Italian. The adjective 'bello' is pronounced 'BEHL-loh' . The phrase

How do you pronounce sei in Italian?

" Seh " is the way to pronounce " sei ." Specifically, the Italian word is the second person informal singular of the infinitive " essere " in the present indicative. It mean

How do you pronounce the Italian phrase 'Dove sei'?

"DO-vey SEH-ee" is a way to pronounce the Italian phrase Dove sei? The interrogative and second person informal singular present indicative may be translated into English as

Te amo tanto mi mirido?

i love you so much my ? If instead of mirido the word marido were substituted, then the sentence would read, "I love you so much, my husband."
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