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How were Native Americans' land threatened?

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Their lands was threatened by destruction of oil and also of destruction culture
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What were the Native Americans' views of land and wilderness?

Native Americans did not believe in land ownership. The land belonged to the Earth and they were merely stewards. Put there to protect and take care of the land. And there was

Why were native Americans forced off their land?

Indians were forced off their ancestral lands because white settlers wanted it for themselves. Indians were moved to less desirable areas sometimes 1000s of miles away.

How did Native American view land?

Native Americans veiw the land as a universal comman ground that cannot be owned or controlled by man. The land belongs to the Creator and is used by all creatures. When we di

How did native American view land ownership?

They believed that man belonged to the land, not that the land belonged to man, these thoughts conflicted those of the white Americana's, this caused much uproar between the t

How did Native Americans view land treaties?

To Native Americans, no one owned the land- it was there for everyone else to use. Native Americans saw land treaties with Europeans as agreements in which they received gifts

How was the way of life for native Americans of the great plains threatened?

The Native Americans of the great plains depended on the buffalo. They ate its meat and made their clothing and homes from its skins. White men's guns killed the buffalo depr