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How were Native Americans' land threatened?

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Their lands was threatened by destruction of oil and also of destruction culture
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Why did Jackson remove Native Americans from their lands?

Andrew Jackson removed Native Americans from their land to give more land to the southern farmers. They wanted to spread their crops and the Native Americans were the only thi

How did Native American view land?

Native Americans veiw the land as a universal comman ground that cannot be owned or controlled by man. The land belongs to the Creator and is used by all creatures. When we di

How was the way of life for native Americans of the great plains threatened?

The Native Americans of the great plains depended on the buffalo. They ate its meat and made their clothing and homes from its skins. White men's guns killed the buffalo depr

How do native Americans use the land?

they use the land for farming and living they used the slaves to help them or basically use the slaves period

How did Native Americans regard land?

The Native Americans regarded land with great respect. These people  understood the importance of nature and why it was important to  preserve and respect it.

How did native Americans view their land?

They viewed the land as a something a person could not own. It belonged unto itself. The privilege to use the land was handed down from their ancestors just as they were borro

How did the Native Americans take Indian land?

There once was a nameless Native American chief who was smoking the Pipe of Peace with some Indians, they were finishing a contract signed by the leaders to stop the war betwe

What land did the native Americans claim?

Native Americans righfully claimed all lands in the America's  (today known as North America, Central America and South America).  This was confirmed by the courts of Europe

Who were Native American civilizations threatened by?

Native American civilizations from the Inca empire to the Native Tribes of North America were threatened first by fighting amongst themselves. For example, the Incas conquered