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I am a convicted felon can I get a cdl license?

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Added: There is no prohibition in the law to your getting one.

The felony conviction, however, will prevent you from being able to obtain a hazardous materials endorsement, and may prevent you from driving a bus with children depending on the type of conviction.
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Can convicted felon get cdl license?

A convicted felon can get a CDL (but they can't get a hazmat endorsement). However, they would be best advised to ensure that they've found employers who would be willing to h

Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license?

Yes. Unless, of course, the offense for which he was convicted was driving related and his license was revoked AND no driving is a condition of his release.

Does a convicted felon lose his drivers license?

While he is serving his sentence in prison, of course if he/she cannot renew via mail. But unless the surrender of his/her drivers license was ordered by the judge as part of

Can a convicted felon get a barber's license in Florida?

future barbers and cosmetologist's. I Have 5 felonies on my record drug and theft related. The process through the state takes forever. But yes you can!!!!!!!! You have to g

Can a convicted felon get a cdl in New Mexico?

Yes. However, you won't be able to obtain a hazardous materials endorsement, and the felony conviction - especially if it happened within the last ten years - is going to brin

Can a felon get a cdl license in wi?

Yes. Getting the CDL isn't the problem - finding employment as a felon is.

Can you get a barber license in Michigan if you are a convicted felon?

According to MCL 338.42 "Judgment of guilt in criminal prosecution or judgment in civil action as evidence in determining good moral character; notice; rebuttal," the answer t