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I am looking for a fax number for the Ellen Degeneres show OR a Customer Service Tel. number?

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i don't know her fax number i don't remenber it from the time she told it on her show

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Who was the magician on the Ellen DeGeneres show?

Which one.. Ellen has had magician Rick Thomas on her show and Neil Patrick Harris (Yes Doogie Howser) has performed on her show several times. NPH is a member of the Board of

Where is the Ellen DeGeneres show filmed?

  It was first taped from 2003-2008 at NBC Studios in Burbank. Begining with this season it will be recorded at Warner Bros. Studios also in Burbank.

What does a fax number look like?

It looks like ordinary telephone number - i.e( 123-4567) Toll free fax number - i.e (1800-xxx-xxx)/(0800-123-4567) online fax number- i.e (1234567@extension)

What is Ellen DeGeneres' phone number?

Her phone number is obviously not listed, because with her fame too many people would harass her. But you can email her via the following link:   http://ellen.warnerbros.co

When did Ellen DeGeneres start the Ellen DeGeneres show?

Ellen did clerical work for a law firm, which was a followed by a string of jobs: working retail, waiting tables, house painting, bartending and shucking oysters. She even sol