I just bought the iPhone 3g last night and was wondering if its FREE to browse on the app store and also the phone came with maps YouTube and whether in it are they free to use and go into?

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Stupid AT+T charges you money every time you open an application that talks to the internet. It is free to open and use those apps on wi-fi.
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Are apps for the iPhone free to use?

All starting apps on your iPhone and all apps that you downloaded for free are free to use. Though, not all apps are not free from the beginning, all apps that you have downl

How do you make an iPhone app for free?

check out iAppWorld.net site and also the iAppWorld.net appstore free app ... its really cool It may not be free unless you already have a mac if you do then you need to g

Can you get free 3g on jailbroken iphone 3g?

Sorry but no, cydia and ice are only allowed to modify your idevice to great extincts. But you cannot use it to surge into peoples wireless network. Think of it as painting yo
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Is it free to do Internet browsing on 3g kindle?

From: Kindle (Free 3G) License Agreement and Terms of Use Amazon provides wireless connectivity free of charge to you for certain content shopping and downloading services
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Does google maps offer a free app for your IPhone?

Yes. It is a very user friendly and valuable application to have and will make your traveling much easier. It is a great program. You will enjoy having it very much.
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How do you get apps free on the app store?

Well quite alot of apps are free Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones This app is incompatible with : - Blackmart Alpha for Acer Liquid MT - Bla