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I lived in Wisconsin and was receiving state assistance and child support. I moved to Missouri how do I end child support in Wisconsin and start getting it in Missouri?

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Contact the MO child support agency for your county.
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In Wisconsin does a father still have to pay child support for a 17-year-old daughter who has a baby and is on public assistance and receiving child support for her child?

  Answer     Regardless of the situation, the obligated parent must adhere to the court order of support until the order is amended or rescinded by the court of

How do you get child support from a inmate in Missouri?

File for support as if the parent were not incarcerated. If the parent owns property such as a bank account or real estate it can be levied or have a lien placed against it. T

You received child support after child turned 21 in Missouri?

The custodial parent may have filed for support in the previous years and the non-custodial parent now has to pay back support and arreage (late payment charges) They should h

Can your mother get in trouble for receiving child support for you in Texas while you are living in Missouri?

There are no applicable laws in any state that says the person receiving the child support must be actually spending the money on the child, so no. However, it could be addres
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Do you have to pay child support on the child if the child drops out of school in the state of Missouri?

Yes. There is no provision in Missouri law that specifically covers cessation of child support if the child drops out of school, only that of emancipation (child drops out, mo

Can you waive child support in Missouri?

If you are the custodial parent and there is an order in place, you may file a petition with the court giving notice that you will bear the entire financial responsibility for