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Try http://www.tpub.com/content/medical/14274/css/14274_195.htm
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How many pressure points in human body?

there are 108 vital points in the human body 36 of them are dealy and out of those 36 only 10 are the most deadliest. the other 72 vital points are lethal.

What are the biggest pressure points on your body?

some of the easiest accessible ones are in your hand, around the thumb( between you thumb and index, that flabby bit of skin, if you push down and kind of try to reach under y

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Where are all the pressure points in the human body?

The human body has several pressure points. One of these are a strike at the clavicle, which can disable your opponent's arm temporarily. For this next point, it doesnt matter

Weak points of the human body?

some of the most obvious places actually. the eyes, throat, ears, groin, the muscle inside of the thigh, the hollow right behind the ears and tons more. google it if you want

What is the freezing point of the human body?

Because the human body consists of water in solution, the water will not begin to freeze until it falls below the general freezing point (32 F, 0 C). The freezing point of mea

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What are the pressure points on the body?

The American Heart Association has distinguished 11 known pressure  points on either side of the human body. In diagnosing  Fibromyalgia, doctors check eighteen specific poi

Human pressure point diagram?

human pressure points are very sensitive............if chosen wrong  your move can kill or knock someone out ...........but be warned  this action may cause more harm to you

What are the four major pressure points of the human body?

2 of the main pressure points are on either side of the neck. Another two are on either side under the collarbone. Another two are under the ribs on either side of the body ab