I ran my best friend over an hour ago do you think im pregnant?

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i really dont see the connection unless of coz u slept with him or sumthin! Did u?
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What do you do if your best friend is thinking about killing herself because she thinks she is pregnant?

We'll have her go and take a pregnancy test.. First, tell her to get a pregnancy test. If you want her to die though, don't do anything. Second, if she is, tell her to tell h

My dog got ran over shes pregnant do you think puppies will be ok?

I wouldnt kniw my self im actually looking for the same answer my dig just got ran over and was pregnant her due date was in 2 weeks im so sad i think shes dead shes not breat

Im 14 and pregnant you think?

I think you should seek some counseling as to what courses ofaction may be oppen to you. and the sooner you do the more optionswil be available and that includes the posibilit

I think im falling in love with my best friends ex boyfriend?

If your friend still likes him than you shouldn't talk to her about it, but if she wants nothing to do with him than go for it! If your friend cant exept that you like him tha

I was just married a few months ago to the woman I love but a close friend came to visit me and we had a guys night out at my place and we ended up having sex I think Im in love w my best friend help?

You're not in love with your best friend... Believe me.. Just because you had sex with this person, sex is the greatest thing to relieve stress.... stress, believe it or not

Im a girl and i think my best friend who is also a girl like me how can i tell?

I can't exactly tell you HOW because it's not math; We don't deal here with numbers but people. Well, try to think of her as a boy. Would a boy that's trying to flirt with you
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I like this girl who considers me as only a close friend she thinks im over her but im not what do i do?

You might still have a chance, but don't rush it or that chance will disappear. I've actually had situations like this go both ways. If you continue to talk to her a lot and g
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Im 16 and think im pregnant?

You're probably scared and i know it's cliche to say this, BUT you won't know for sure until you go to a doctor... Definitely go and see a doctor, or tell a parent, just tell
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Im married to my best friend who is my best friend and the father of my kids and were get a divorced how can i get over him?

Be Selfish. Think of yourself and what you and an independendent stronger version of yourself wants to do for yourself in the new future that only you can create for yourself