If God's day is a thousand or thousands of years when did the Bible shift it's computation of 24 hours in a day?

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The reference to a thousand years being as one day with the Lord is in 2 Peter 3:8 and in context refers to the last days. This reference is highlighting how short human perspective of time is compared to God's perspective or all of time.
Time and terms for time have similar meanings in Genesis which starts before the Earth and Sun existed and the concept of a 24 hour day can have no meaning. A "day" in these contexts is simply a convenient and understandable term for a "cycle of time" or period of unknown duration. The http://english.answers.com/Greek term "aeon" is more accurate but would only be used in educated audiences. For the broadest audience the term "day" was sufficient to get the message across.
Every language including ancient Hebrew and Aramaic have colloquial terms for concepts of time that happen in everyday life and over the course of history.
A related example is "Forty days and forty nights", another symbolic or colloquial reference to a period of time. It is meant as "enough time to get the http://jobs.answers.com done" and comes from the period of time required to learn the Torah in preparation for Bar Mitzvah or the ritual of being tested and graduating from child to adult. This may be a few weeks or it may be several years. The colloquial term was and is used in the Middle East to mean "whatever time it took" or "whatever time it will take".
In the modern Carribean the term "Manyana" literally means tomorrow but universal common use has come to have Manyana mean "it happens when/if it happens". Travellers are often confused when they are told that something will happen "tomorrow" or "Manyana" when they were actually being told that "we aren't sure when or whether it will happen but we'll try to make it happen... chill out mon".
The Bible/Torah and much of Jesus's discussions were for common use and use the colloquial expressions of the times.


Time hasn't "shifted." Time is "physical"... computed by "the movements [orbits and rotations] of the planets." A 24-hour day is computed by the "rising of the sun" as viewed from a fixed point on earth... which is a 24-hour period composed of a "nighttime" period and a "daylight" period.

The biblical account is very clear on this:

"...He called the light 'daytime,' and the darkness 'nighttime.' TOGETHER THEY FORMED THE FIRST DAY." (Gen.1:4 LVB Living Bible)

Peter's "thousand year" comparison to one day, as mentioned above, is a "prophetic" reference to the 7000-year plan of God, which compares to a "7000-year, 7-day WEEK"... in which God is allowing man to "govern himself on earth" for his 6000 year, 6-day WORK WEEK.

"SIX DAYS shalt thou labour, and DO ALL THY WORK." (Ex.20:9)

The generations of men over the past five to six-thousand years and their continuously failed attempts to govern themselves apart from their Creator's laws, has been teaching them the erroneous and destructive ways of sin [disobedience to God's laws - I John 3:4].

Man doesn't realize this yet... but Judgment Day will bring all of life's lessons into full focus for everyone.

At the conclusion of this allotted 6000 years, God will intervene in world events, man's ERRANT, WICKED WORKS WILL CEASE [and his god, Satan will be banished]... and the "Lord's Rest" [Sabbath] will begin: the Thousand Year [7th day of the week] Rule of Christ on earth over the nations.


The works of sin will no longer be in vogue on earth during God's Thousand-year Sabbath Day.

"...I will write My Laws in their minds so that they will know what I want them to do without My even telling them, and these laws will be in their hearts so that they will want to obey them..." (Heb.8:10 LVB).

In the physical calculation of time... the days, months and years... THERE IS NO PHYSICAL REASON for the repetitive "seven-day week" to exist! Except that God set aside the seventh day of His "Divinely Inspired Creation Week" for man to REMEMBER CREATION... to REMEMBER THAT HE IS CREATED.


The Divinely-Inspired seven-day week is for a weekly remembrance of God for man. A weekly renewal and reminder that he didn't "evolve," like this Satan-guided, Sabbath-forgetting, God-forgetting world teaches.

And the seven 24-hour day week is also a reminder to man of God's 7000-year, 7-day plan of Salvation and Redemption and Release from sin... and the god he chose to worship in the beginning.

Time never "shifted." God set the earth revolving in 24-hour rotations from the first day. And the knowledge of His prophetic 7000 year, 7-day week plan of Salvation has been revealed to His servants, now, at the time of the end of man's allotted "6000-year-day work-week." Like clockwork, it's all right on schedule.
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Why are there 24 hours in a day?

The dividing of the day into useful chunks of time goes back to our earliest recorded history, and probably through pre-history as well. People in many cultures were of course aware of the regular passage of the sun across the sky, and most realized that the sun follows an arc-like line. The sun rea (MORE)

Why is a day 24 hours?

It's simple. Any who has played with a compass know that it is easy to divide a circle into 6 equal angles, then 12, then 24. Early sundial makers took advantage of this.

Why is the day divided into 24 hours?

The division of day and night began with the Babylonians and Egyptians, who divided the day and night into 12 equal parts, probably to coincide with the movements of constellations (or the observed number of lunar cycles per year). Because day and night are only equally long at the equator, this wou (MORE)

How is a 24 hour day determined?

Determining a 24-Hour Day . During the equinox, there is an equal amount of day and night. By dividing each into 12 (possibly for the Zodiac or the number of the major Olympian gods), they determined the 24 hour clock. In actuality, a day is not 24 hours, but 23.934 hours. That's where Feb 29th c (MORE)

Why do you have 24 hours in a day?

Because the ancient Babylonians thought that the number twelve was the greatest thing since ... well, ever , pre-sliced bread not having been invented yet ... and so they divided the day and night into twelve parts each.

How many years is a thousand days?

You do the math. Divide 365 into 1000. ------------------- Well if you want it in years, months, weeks and days, it's more complicated. The answer varies according to where in the year you're starting from (because of February) and if there is a leap year in that time. Starting from a 1st of Janu (MORE)

Why do you have 24 hours per a day?

To be precise there are 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 4.1 seconds in a day hence every 4 years we get a Leap Year. This is the time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis.

Why a day has 24 hours?

24 is an arbitrary number chosen primarily because it has many factors. The number of factors permits the day to be divided into equal measures of two, three, four, six, twelve, and 24, respectively. Whoever chose 24 might have as easily selected 36 hours, which also has lots of factors, and is 1 (MORE)

Why the day is 24 hours?

The day is actually made of 23hours and 56minutes. It is that way because the earth takes hat amount of time to spin around itself once.

Why does a day have 24 hours not 10?

It's a more or less arbitrary choice made a long time ago, and it would cost a lot to replace all the clocks.\n. \nThere have been some attempts to go to a decimal system for time, but they simply haven't caught on.

Why are there are 24 hours in a day?

Because that's the system that people designed when the language of time-keeping was invented, and it was accepted world-wide. The day, month and year are periods of time that are related to things that happen in nature. The second, minute, hour, week, fortnight, and fiscal quarter aren't. Those a (MORE)

How many hours are in a thousand years?

Let's work it out: There are 24 hours in a day, an average of about 365.25 days in a year, and 1,000 years. Multiply those three numbers together and we get: 8,766,000 hours in 1,000 years.

Why is there 24 hours in one day?

A day was split into 24 parts or hours because early civilizations did not know about fractions. 24 has several factors and was therefore very useful in this matter. The same thing applies to minutes and seconds. Though the second is now the SI unit for time and an hour is a derived unit.

Who discovered there were 24 hours in a day?

This is not a discovery it is a definition made by man.. The Babylonians were the ones who first divided the time from sunrise to sun set into 12 equal "hours". The time from sunset to sunrise was also split into 12 equal parts. These differed in length from season to season.. Still today we have (MORE)

Why are their 24 hours in a day?

there are 24 hours in a day because there is. live with it bum well really there is because it takes 24 hrs. to spin in a complete circle and i think im smarter than you. HAHA and HA!

What are day shift hours?

Day shift hours may depend on the place of work. Morning shift maystart at 8 AM and extend until 4 PM or from 9 AM until 5 PM.Mid-Day shift usually starts around 1 PM or 2 PM and extends until9 PM or 10 PM.

Why is there 24 hours in day?

To be precise there are 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 4.1 seconds in a day hence every 4 years we get a Leap Year. This is the time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis.

Who divided the day to 24 hours?

The 24 hour day and 60 minute hour originated with the Babylonians, who based their calendar on the earlier Sumerian and, perhaps, Egyptian calendars. The Encyclopedia Britannica has a number of good articles on this subject, and there is a wonderful chapter by Daniel J. Boorstin in "The Discoverers (MORE)

Is a day always 24 hours?

Nearly always. However, in the same way that roughly every four years there is an additional day in a leap year, there is the need for "leap" seconds from time to time. The last leap second was added on 31 December 2008 so that day was 24 hours: 00 minutes :01 seconds long. In addition, due to tid (MORE)

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Is a real day 24 hours?

To be precise there are 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 4.1 seconds in a day hence every 4 years we get a Leap Year. This is the time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis.

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Why is there 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day?

We seem to be "Children of the Sun" as it takes the Earth 365 days (actually a little less) to circle the Sun, our nearest star. It also happens to take the Earth about 24 hours (a little less, actually) to revolve or spin one complete turn.

Is there always 24 hours in a day?

Yes, it is always 24 hours in a day normally; however, in some places like UK, there is DST; which won't have 24 hours every single day because, one day will be 25 hours due to the fact that we have to forward an hour and there will be 23 hours one day with the reason of we have to slower an hour! (MORE)

Why there is 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year and 24 hour in a day?

7 days in a week . . . Made up by people; most likely, I believe, based on concepts from the Bible. 365 days in a year . . . A natural feature of the observable universe. If you watch the stars every night at Midnight, or keep track ofthe Sun's position every day at Noon, or keep track of the (MORE)

Why does earth have 24 hours in a day?

It rotates so that it has day & night. The speed of that rotation is the remnant of the angular velocity imparted by the collision that formed the moon. The fact that that interval is called 24 hours is purely arbitrary and is derived from some ancient civilization being fascinated by base 12 ma (MORE)

How many days are in one thousand years?

well, in one normal year there are 365 days, so common sense would indicate it to be 365,000. However, you have to take leap years into account, so if we say that year 4 is the first leap year, in 1000 years there will be 250 leap years, so add the two together show that in 1000 years there are 365, (MORE)

Do all planets have a day that is 24 hours long and a year that is 365 days?

No, only earth. The planets year, or time it takes to make one orbit of the sun varies, depending on its distance from the sun. Mercury is the closest and will take around 88 days to go once around the sun, while Neptune (the furthest) will take around 165 years. Each of the planets spins are diffe (MORE)

Why are there 24 hours in an earth day?

24 hours is an arbitrary measurement of time, selected a long, long time ago to represent the average (or mean) time that it takes for the Earth to rotate relative to the Sun.

How long is hundred thousand days?

One hundred thousand days equals: 100,000/7 = 14285.7 weeks 100,000/28 = 3571.4 lunar months 100,000/365 = 274 years or 100,000 X 24 = 2,400,000 hours 100,000 X 24 X 60 = 144,000,000 minutes 100,000 X 24 X 60 X 60 = 8,640,000,000 seconds

What day does God's year begin with?

It would depend on which god you are referring to but calendars are the invention of man not a god. Answer This answer will depend upon your understanding of gospel princpiles. It may therefore be contrary to your way of thinking. All living things have intelligence, and as intelligence has al (MORE)

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Why is a day 24 hour?

Some ancient people decided to divide the day into 24 pieces of equal size, because they liked this number. The reason for that is that numbers like 12, 24 and 60 have many different factors.

Why is a day 24 hours and a year 365 days?

The time from when a point on the earth's surface is facing the sun until the next time that point is again facing the sun (due to the earth's rotation) averages 24 hours. The time from when one of the earth's poles is as close as possible to pointing at the sun until the next time that pole is aga (MORE)