If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

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By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he can take you to court. If he can prove he's reliable, holds down a good job, is not into drugs and contributes to society then yes, he can have some rights. It will take a court of law and two lawyers to fight this one. The bottom line is ... "What is good for the child?"
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Can a father simply sign over his parental rights in Ontario Canada or must the child be adopted by another man in the biological mother's life?

Answer . You can sign over the rights to your child to the mother herself. \n. \nBefore you do this realize what you are doing. Your child needs to know who their father is. You may not feel this is important right now, but to that child YOU will always be their father. If your girlfriend/w (MORE)

If your son's biological father has never seen him or talked to him and has not paid child support does he have any legal rights to him after 9 years?

Answer . No! It's to your advantage to take this to court. You want to have it on paper. I don't think much of mothers and fathers (married or not) who ditch their kids, and he doesn't deserve to see this child. However, you have to ask yourself if your child would benefit from knowing his/he (MORE)

Can a man who has been a father for five years lose his parental rights if he is not the biological father?

Answer . \nUnfortunately the law does not recognize a man or woman to be granted a parental rights even though they have taken it upon themselves to raise and nurture a child. Marrying someone with a child(ren) does not automatically confer the new spouse any legal rights concerning the child(re (MORE)

Does a biological father have any custodial rights if his name is not on the birth certificate and the mother was married to another man at the time of birth?

Answer . \nYes, get a blood test and prove it. Answer . No. \n. \nWhat is your motivation? Are you trying to destroy a marriage? Have you done anything to support your child? Given money to pay for medical or provided other resources?\n. \nIf the other guy is ACTING like a parent, maybe y (MORE)

Is there a form for the State of Colorado that a father can fill out to relinquish his rights to his biological child without going through the courts?

Answer . \nNo, all request for the termination of parental rights regardless of the state of residency, must be done through the proper court procedure. All states have specific requirements that must be met before the a TPR is granted. Even if all the proper documentation is submitted the final (MORE)

Do biological children have any rights to the house of their deceased father if the deed to the house was transferred to their adopted brother years ago in lieu of child support.?

Answer . \nNo,surviving family members would have no legal claim to such property if the transferring of title was made while the owner was of sound mind was done in accordance to the laws of the state where the property is located. \n. \nThe reasons for the action being taken and the fact tha (MORE)

Does the biological father have to pay any future child support payments if the mother marries another man?

FUTURE CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS yes he has to pay child support payments as long as he is told todoso by the courts.now if the new husband gives your child his name and the biological father agrees tosign his rights over he will not have to payany child support payments ,but as long as he hasn't sign (MORE)

What rights does paternal father have to take son out of abusive household with the biological mother and stepfather and keeping the child away from the paternal mother.?

Answer . There are two ways you can do this. In Canada we call it "Child Welfare." Make an appointment with them and they'll help you out. They may make a surprise visit to the home where your son is living (make sure they do). If Children's Welfare isn't happy with the environment your son (MORE)

If a father signs his rights away and allows another man to adopt his child does the biological father still have to pay the back child support?

That depends, on a couple of things. First is any money owed to the state, if you received state assistance the state will require to be paid back some of the funds. Second, if there is no court order in effect that states the back support could be nulled then he still owes. This answer above is (MORE)

Can a husband get paternity when the biological father gives up rights when child is under 1 year old by just getting a new birth certificate?

This is really confusing, can you reword it. If the biological father is giving up his rights, he's the only one who will be positive as a father for the said child in a paternity test. A new birth certificate, isn't the real birth certificate. Even if its a legal one, the child deserves to know w (MORE)

Can a non-biological father adopt a child he is raising?

It all depends on what is his status.For example-if the NBF was married to the mother before a child was born he is presumed to be the father and there is no need to adopt the child.. In the other hand if there is a bio-father it is required to ask him to relinquish his rights.

What rights does the biological father have when you are pregnant an want to consider adoption?

The biological father has the right to pursue custody of the child if you do not want this. In most cases, failure to notify the biological father could derail later adoption plans (which could be traumatic to the child) if he finds out. If you are not interested in raising the child, you still have (MORE)

Does a newborn's biological father have rights if another man signs the birth certificate?

I think that a paper with a signature should not be powerful enough to separate a creature from its creator. In this case, a father and an offspring. Legally, the father of that child is the person that signed the birth certificate, so no, the biological father does not have a right. Although, if yo (MORE)

If a man signed an affidavit claiming a child as his at birth can the biological father take a DNA test that would take the alleged father's rights away and give the biological father full rights?

Too many questions still unanswered to provide you with an answer. How old is the child? Has the "legal" dad been there full time, from day one, caring and nuturing this child and providing for it's support. What was it that prompted the "bio" dad to suddenly come to the realization that he wanted t (MORE)

Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Texas?

If the parents' rights have been terminated either by the court or voluntarily, and the child has been adopted, then the biological grandparents connection has also been severed and they can't seek access/visitation. However, there may be standing to intervene in the determination of custody BEFORE (MORE)

Child is raised by man for 6 years and not biological fathere does he still pay child support after child is returned to mothers custody?

Yes, dependent on two factors. . In 30 states, where the child has developed a father/child relationship; or. In 20 states where once the man has begun taking financial responsibility for a child, he is obligated to continue that responsibility, regardless of Paternity.. In Missouri, you have tw (MORE)

If another man signs your child's birth certificate does the biological father have any legal rights to that child?

You did not indicate if you're married. In Michigan and quite a few other states, if you are Married at the time of the birth of the child..the Man who you are married to is legally the father !! If the Biological father had no idea about the child's existence, or if you're just trying to cut him ou (MORE)

If a 36 year old determines the biological father by a paternity test. can 36 year old collect back child support payments.?

Typically, this action would have had to have been filed prior to the child's 18th birthday. . It should be noted that a number of these cases have cause major breakdowns in the relationship with the mother when an adult child seeks to recover child support they believed they are owed, only to lear (MORE)

Can any biological father be forced to adopt the child if the baby has her own father and mother?

You need to see a lawyer. Look for "Legal Aid" in your state as they offer free or low-cost legal advice. If someone is the "biological" father, he doesn't adopt the child, it is his child. He is legally obligated (in the USA) to provide support (money) for the child's needs. The only exception is (MORE)

Can a step father adopt a child without the biological fathers consent?

While the biological father's consent is usually required, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances in which the stepfather can adopt without his consent. For example, if the father has had no contact with the child in years, if the father's address is unknown, if the father has been proven to (MORE)

Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the court strip you of your parental rights. Her boyfriend or "birth father" as you call him, has no rights to the child at all a (MORE)

Does a child have any legal rights to contact their biological father if he does not want to?

When the child reaches 18 they can do what they want and you just have to tell them you are not interested. This is what can happen with adoption for instance. There is no law prohibiting the contact. At least so you can say no. If the child then proceeds to contact you after you have said no you ne (MORE)