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If a tornado rips the chimney cap off a neighbor's house and it lands on your car hood does homeowner's or auto insurance pay for the damage?

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Your auto policy will cover it as a 'comprehensive' loss (if you have comprehensive coverage).
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Will homeowner's insurance pay to remove a tree that would have damaged the house if it had fallen?

No, that's routine maintenance and prevention. It's the  responsibility of a homeowner to keep trees and shrubbery cut back  far enough from your home to prevent intrusion a

If you buy auto insurance when your car is already damaged and needs fixed will they pay to repair it?

    Answer       Again, insurance fraud is a felony crime.     *   No. When a claim is made the owner of the vehicle is required to present the

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Will homeowner's insurance pay to remove a tree that is a threat to a neighbor's house?

 As the owner of a property you have a duty to take steps to secure your property and make it safe. You also have an obligation to address maintenance issues that might enda

If a neighbor's tree falls on my car and I don't have auto insurance to cover damage does he have any responsibility or does my homeowner's insurance provide any coverage?

Fortunately, In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature. It does not matter whether the tree fell from your yard, your neighbors yard or was blown

If your car is hit by debris from a roof will the homeowner's insurance pay or will your car insurance have to pay?

  Depends if it is (1)your roof and your car, (2)your neighbors roof and your car, or (3)your roof and your neighbors car.   1 - You can't sue yourself so your homeowne

Will your auto insurance cover damages you made when you ran into your house with your car?

Actually this is a little tricky. You cannot be liable to your self. The way this works is that your home insurance coveres damage by vehicles so it would pay for damage to th

You had your tree removed that was overhanging your neighbor's chimney. Now the neighbor is claiming his chimney was damaged. He doesn't live in the house. What can you do?

You mentioned several important facts in your question. First and foremost you should be open and fair minded regarding this situation. If the tree was hanging over the chimne