If living in West Virginia and getting married in Kentucky do you have to report it to the state of West Virginia?

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No. You need to file taxes and do the normal types of stuff, but there is no 'reporting' of the marriage.
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What does West Virginia require to get married?

Answer . You need ID any divorce certificates, to be at least 18, or 16 with parental consent about $36 in cash and an officiant, Check out this website for more info http

What river separates Kentucky West Virginia and Virginia?

The Tug-Fork River separates Virginia and West Virginia for a few miles and is the river where Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia Meet. The Tug Fork River flows north formin

Which state is farthest west West Virginia or Virginia?

Take a look at a map: parts of Virginia are west of the state of West Virginia. When it was removed from Virginia and made a separate state in the Civil War, West Virginia r
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Where is the state of Virginia. Is it different from West Virginia?

PA, VA, and WVA are separate states in the USA. If you stand on the middle of the southern state line ofPennsylvania, and go directly south, you would be in the state ofMaryl