If religion is instilled in people at birth why do you not all feel the same toward God espesically as children?

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the human are born with no evil , the child never know something named delusion , do what is commanded , full of love and emotion toward everything a beautiful , the important thing that be very obedient , look how the child change from and to , disobedience , disbelief , atheism , etc . so this lead us to knowing god the one who created u for worship . knowing god is as a result , this is why god conferred us in mind .
Catholic Answer
I am assuming by "instilled in people at birth" you are referring to baptism. Baptism makes one a child of God, removes the guilt of original sin, and restores one to God's friendship. But it does not "instill religion" in one. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are all instilled, if you will, in a baby at baptism, but those gifts, if unused, and untaught, all come to nothing. A person must learn and grow in his faith. He must pray and partake regularly in the sacraments. A rough analogy is that we are all born having the ability to swim, but unless you regularly go in the water, learn the various strokes, and practice, etc. you will never be a swimmer.
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