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If the child's father has never had contact but pays support how can the mother end all his parental rights if she no longer needs the support?

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My understanding (in the State of Ohio) is that Ohio counts support payments as "contact"; thus, even if the non-custodial parent never showed up (in my case for nearly 6 years) the State of Ohio says "well he's been paying support so we count that just like him having continual weekly contact with the child". I feel this is total BS but what can I do, besides move out of state (incidently, my ex not seeing my child gives me a great advantage to move out of state, however - so i'd be better off moving than staying here. go fig)  
It's doubtful the court will terminate his parental rights if he's providing financial support (even if he hasn't maintained contact with the child). However, you can contact him and see if he'd be willing to voluntarily terminate his parental rights, in which case the court might agree to allow that. And, he may be willing to do that because that means that he will no longer have to pay child support.
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