If you are 17 and your girl friend is 15 and she is pregnant and she is getting kicked out and there is 10 people living in your house its over crouded can you get a house with her?

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Legally, you can not because you both are underaged. But you could apply for emancipation, which you have to get signed by your parent, that says that you have a job, or money to live on your own and that you can live on your own. It is going to be difficult to do, unless you have jobs that bring home $1,000 or more a month. You may have to put off having your own household until you both get your high school diploma (or GED) and get some job skills. Alternatively, you might check out some of the social agencies in your town that help people who are in a similar situation.
Also, remember you are not allowed to have relationships with her when you turn 18.
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If you are 17 and pregnant in Wisconsin can your mother kick you out of the house if she finds out?

according to the law, she is responsible for you, what you did doesn't make you a adult. you can call social services for your area and get more help and info on the subject. or human services can direct you. if she gets mad and tries to kick you out, she can be charged with neglect and child abando (MORE)

Can a 17-year-old girl move out of her parents' house if she is pregnant?

Answer . \nYes, you can move out, but it could be very difficult if not impossible to get insurance, because a pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. Also you will have to get emancipated, or find someone will is willing to take over guardianship of you. If you are planning to get marr (MORE)

What do you do when you're 15 and white your boyfriend is 19 and black and you're pregnant and your parents are threatening to kick you out of the house because they're racist?

Answer . Depending on how far along you are I would suggest going to Planned Parenthood and getting an abortion because getting kicked out of the house would be the last thing I would be worried about. Because your boyfriend is over the age of 18 he could be put in prison for statutory rape. If a (MORE)

Does a 17-year-old who moved in with his mother in Texas after being kicked out of his custodial father's house have to live with his mother until he is 18.?

I am not sure about Texas law but I know that in Michigan a 17 year old can move out without consent of their parents. Try googling "emancipation Texas" to see what pops up. If a 17 year old is not allowed to move out without consent of parents in Texas, emancipation is always an option. There are f (MORE)

How do you invite friends over to your house?

Answer . You simply ask them to come over. Perhaps invite them over for the evening so you can have a DVD night. Have some popcorn, chips, dips, pop, (beer if not a minor) and just have fun.

What do i do when i invite a girl over to my house?

Be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!! play video games, show her your room, chill with each other. If you want you can invite some of your other friends over (dats it you really want to0 but if you just want it to be only the two of you then you an rent movies and have fun! hope this helped dude!!. peace*

Getting a house at 17 years old?

You cannot get a house at age 17. This is because you would need tosign a contract and you cannot sign a legally binding contractunless you are 18 or older.

How can you help a friend who has been kicked out of the house?

Are you talking about somebody who is married or somebody who lives with his /herparents. For the married person consider the WHY as to their being kicked out. But, if they are truly your friend offer your support even if it means letting them sta with you for a limited period of Tim e. Every stor (MORE)

Can you kick your pregnant 16 year old of the house?

The real question is really "Why are you kicking your pregnant 16-year-old out of the house?" You are a failure as a parent. You're a disgrace. Look at what you've done: 1. You didn't teach your kid about sex. 2. You failed to take them to a gynecologist when they became sexually active. (MORE)

How do you get your friend to invite you over to her house?

well tell her that you wont be doing anything the next day and then say i wish you could come over to my house and then make up an excuse so that she cant come then keep on making her feel sorry for you and she will invite you over :)

What do you do when a friend is over at your house?

Make sure they are seated comfortably. Inquire if they desire any refreshments. Ask if this is just a social call, or if they had anything particular in mind. If they just dropped by for a chat, do so if you have no prior committments. If they seem to want to engage in any pastime, ask if they want (MORE)

If a 17 year old gets kicked out of the house can that person live with friends or will that person have to be legally emancipated?

To be emancipated by the court under Connecticut law, you must be at least 16 years old. You must also meet one of the following conditions: . You must be married, or . You must be in the U.S. armed forces, or . You must be living apart from your parents or guardian and be managing your own money (MORE)

If a girl is age 17 and pregnant can she move out of her parent's house?

Parents still have a responsibility to provide a home for their minor child, even if she is pregnant. The child is still under parental control in most states at age 17. The minor can go to court and ask for emancipation if she has a means of caring for her own needs (i.e., has her own income).

What can happen to a 38 yr old mother that kicks her 17 year old son out of the house to have an affair with his 17 year old so called friend What rights does the son have?

Since you are not 18 yet it would be child abandonment. She still have to support you until you are 18 or legal age of your state. If your friend has not reached the age of consent in your state at age 17 or younger, she would be guilty of statutory rape if she has had sex with him. I suggest you co (MORE)

Can my parents kick me out of the house if I'm 17?

Your parent can kick you out of the house anytime they want...even if u are 3 or 28!(I don't believe they'll kick u if u are under 10 and didn't create problems!)If u are 17 well why do u think they wanna kick u out?Do they have any serious reason ,are they crazy?

How can you steer 10 year old girl from jealousy of friends house?

Personally, what i'd do, is i'd invite some other group of friends around to her house. This way, it'll distract her and therefore she will be socialising with other friends and she'll forget all about her other friends and the other friends house. Distraction, i'd say, is the only way around this o (MORE)

What to do when your friends come over to your house?

DO SOMETHING ENTERTAINING. It is an absolute MUST when you are inviting friends over. It depends on what kind of crowd though. With some people, it is a beverage and a conversation, with others, it's gaming. It depends what your friends are like. Be polite, ask them if they want a snack or bevera (MORE)

How can you help your friend who is getting mugged repeatedly by the same people outside her own house?

You can start by filing police reports and helping your friend toprovide all the information to the police that she can. The policeshould be able to provide some advice. She should make a "pest" ofherself if necessary to get the police to order extra patrols tothe area. She should call the police wh (MORE)