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If you are 17 and your girl friend is 15 and she is pregnant and she is getting kicked out and there is 10 people living in your house its over crouded can you get a house with her?

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Legally, you can not because you both are underaged. But you could apply for emancipation, which you have to get signed by your parent, that says that you have a job, or money to live on your own and that you can live on your own. It is going to be difficult to do, unless you have jobs that bring home $1,000 or more a month. You may have to put off having your own household until you both get your high school diploma (or GED) and get some job skills. Alternatively, you might check out some of the social agencies in your town that help people who are in a similar situation.
Also, remember you are not allowed to have relationships with her when you turn 18.
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