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If you filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year how it will look on your credit if you surrender your leased car?

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NO worse than the B/K and you get to pay any balance owed. What great service from your friendly B/K attorney did you get for the money you payed? good Luck
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If you did not file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and your son who has the same name as you did file a chapter 7 bankruptcy how did the bankruptcy enter on your credit if you are not a co-signer?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nProbably because one of the credit reporting agencies screwed up (this is a lot more common than you would think).\n. \nYou can first get a copy of

Can i surrender my house and be released from debt if i file a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy will include all your assets and all your debts. You do not pick and chose what you want out of. No one will is expected to accept less, until you have surrender

Can you keep your cars if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The law actually limits it to 1 car of $500 or less...however, virtually all Judges (realizing that old amount gets a car with more troubles than solutions) simply make it a r

Can you keep your car when you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In the event of chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may retain possession of secured property only in the event you reaffirm with the lender. In the event no reaffirmation is signed for

If you file for bankruptcy chapter 7 will you lose your car?

Most clients are happy to find that Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not result in them losing their car or home. The answer to your question depends on a variety of factors. First,

What is the score that filing chapter 7 bankruptcy drops your credit to?

There is not a specific score that your credit drops to after a bankruptcy. Your credit doesn't only depend on that one thing, but the rest of your credit history as well, and

How soon can a car be repoed after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Because of the "automatic stay", which goes into affect as soon as a Bankruptcy is filed, your car cannot be re-possessed while the Bankruptcy is in progress (unless the credi

Can you keep a new car and file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Maybe, it depends on whether or not the debt is secured and the secured amount. If you own it free and clear, and is very valuable, it will be seized and sold by the trustee.