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If you have joint custody in Arkansas can you move out of state?

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There's no law clearing stating restrictions, but without court approval, the separated parent can file an injunction and denial of access motion.
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In Georgia can you move out of state if you have joint custody with the other parent?

If you have joint custody, you cannot move out of the state with the child without the other parent's consent. Even if you have sole legal custody you cannot interfere with th

In Pennsylvania can you move out of state with joint custody?

Joint custody is a court order whereby custody of a child is awarded to both parties. In joint custody both parents are "custodial parents" and neither parent is a non-custo

With no joint custody can a mother move her child out of state?

Although the practices may vary from state to state. Generally, if there is a divorce or custody order that court has jurisdiction over the child and the parent cannot remov
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Can a custodial parent with joint custody move out of state?

That depends on whether the other parent has visitation rights. If so, you cannot remove the child without the other parent's consent or/and court approval. That depends on w