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If you have really thin fine hair how do you make it thick?

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You have three ways to go: to provide more nutrients to the roots for your hair is stronger and thicker, to use a product that covers the hair with substances that make it thicker and more resistant or to combine both methods. For providing more nutrients, you must include in you diet more proteins (milk, nuts) and minerals (spinach, broccoli, fresh vegetables and fruits and you can use a shampoo and conditioner (also a mask) with proteins and silica. For making the hair thicker by outside, you can use volume shampoos and conditioners. There are also full treatments available in some countries as WildAndFree or other.
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How do you make thin hair look thick quickly?

If your quickly getting ready to go somewhere you can take a hairbrush or comb and brush your hair away from the scalp. Then while hair is lifted from the scalp, get hairspray

How do you make hair thick again?

Ways to make the hair grow thicker:    1. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A, C and H, iron and zinc.   2. Massage coconut oil or almond oil on scalp, leave it on for 20 

If you have really thin hair is it better to keep short hair or long hair?

Answer . Generally, and I'm assuming you are a female... short to medium length is better. I am a hairstylist and when I get a client in the chair that has very thin, long,

Does smoking make your hair thin?

yes it dose and it makes it less healthier and shiny smoke has alot of chemicals in it soooooo i would be surprised if i were u

Does thick hair fry faster than thin hair?

Thin hair implies a lack of density, "fine" hair, however, is a texture, as is "thick" hair. You can have a lot of fine hair that dries slower than a scarce amount of thick ha

Is it better to have thick hair or thin hair?

I_have_thick hair and i absolutely love it. It looks natural, and i haven't dyed it once, and I'm 19. I have wavy, VERY thick hair and although you may have to brush it more a
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What is the difference between thin and thick hair?

The difference between thin and thick hair is that thin hair grows  from small hair follicles while thick hair grows from larger hair  follicles. You can also tell the diffe