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If you have really thin fine hair how do you make it thick?

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You have three ways to go: to provide more nutrients to the roots for your hair is stronger and thicker, to use a product that covers the hair with substances that make it thicker and more resistant or to combine both methods. For providing more nutrients, you must include in you diet more proteins (milk, nuts) and minerals (spinach, broccoli, fresh vegetables and fruits and you can use a shampoo and conditioner (also a mask) with proteins and silica. For making the hair thicker by outside, you can use volume shampoos and conditioners. There are also full treatments available in some countries as WildAndFree or other.
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How do you make thick hair thin?

I think the easy way for thining hair is to buy a razor blade and run it through your hair on the top And bottom hair but only grab an inch of your hair before you go through

How do you change thin hair to thick hair?

You can try a black tea rinse. It has helped me tremendously. Also you may want to try castor oil. I also take stinging nettle extract. My hair has done a 180 turn around.

Is it better to have thick hair or thin hair?

I_have_thick hair and i absolutely love it. It looks natural, and i haven't dyed it once, and I'm 19. I have wavy, VERY thick hair and although you may have to brush it more a

What can you do about thinning curly hair I just recently moved into a residence for school and noticed that my hair is really thinning out. I have really curly hair and its always been really thick?

Make sure your hair doesn't go greasy and try not to put it in a tight pony tail I suggest jojoba shampoo this will make your hair silky smooth and get the conditioner try tha

How do you make thin hair look thick quickly?

If your quickly getting ready to go somewhere you can take a hairbrush or comb and brush your hair away from the scalp. Then while hair is lifted from the scalp, get hairspray

What to use to make your hair really thick?

A shampoo and conditioner called Main 'n tail, it helps thicken it. It has like a horse on the bottle, and they actually use it to make a horse's tail thick and shiny< it real

How do you make thick hair thin -?

I think the most basic ways are to get your hair "Thinned" which is  something a hair dresser can do, or just straightening your hair,  hope this helps! <3
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How do you make thin short hair grow really fast?

There is really no way to make your hair grow any faster. Your hair grows about one inch every two months. Slightly less as you age maybe a tiny, tiny bit faster if you are yo
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What can you do to have you hair reallY healthy and make it grow faster if you have curly hair but it is really thick?

Had the exact same problem when i was younger. To make it healthy, don't use products which can harm it e.g. hairspray and DEFINITELY don't use any heat on it, that just makes