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If you really love someone you've been married to for 36 years would you continue to cheat on and lie to them?

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No, you would not cheat and lye to them. There obvioiusly is no LOVE if your spouse is continually doing this. Why would you put up with this kind of behavior? What are you waiting for. If it is the number 36 that keeps holding you back, it's only a number. There is a whole wonderful life out there, and no one needs this kind of grief in their lives. The love and respect for you is gone. It sounds like this is a marriage of convenience only ie, for finacial, security and or dependant reasons. Why you would still be holding on, is the big question? You know, it is as much your fault as your spouses, to even allow this kind of infidality to continue. Make a plan, and follow through, change your life. You deserve to be happy too!
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What should you do if you've been married 33 years and your husband cheated on you and really fell in love and cries to you about her but chooses to stay with you?

    Answer     If you have children, save the marriage for their sake. If not, then it is really up to you. You have to weigh a few things: do you love him?

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If someone that you really love cheat on you what should you do?

he/she obviously doesnt feel as strong as you do, say BYE! Get over the person.    They do not deserve your trust or care if they care about you as little as to cheat o

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What would you do if your first real boyfriend that you really loved cheated on you with your best friend you have known for 13 years would you still be friends after everything you've been through?

Well,if he's your first real love,he cheated with your best friend that you've known for 13 years... i would say YES:because it's just a guy,and she's probably very sorry...

Can you still love someone web If you've cheated on them before but you regret you cheated?

No. It is not possible to truly love someone if you've cheated on them. If you've cheated on them, then there's obviously something about them that you don't like and you are
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Why would someone lie about loving someone?

A person can be embarrassed about there feelings if its the first time they have fallen in love .And some times people lie so the don't hurt the feelings of some one they love