If you weren't born in the US how do you become a US citizen?

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You have to take tests about the US history
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Will you become US citizens if your child is born here?

Answer . No. You cannot gain U.S. citizenship just by having a baby in the USA. You (the parent) will still be a citizen of whatever country you already were a citizen of

If you weren't born in the US can you become president?

No, you have to be a U.S. born citizen. There was a case going on about that for Barack Obama. He claims to have been born in Hawaii.. However, there is one exception to th

Can you be a president if you weren't born in the US?

The President of the United States must have been born an American citizen. It is not necessary to be born in the U.S. to be born a US citizen. For example, a child born to U
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How does a us citizen become a filipino citizen?

In order to become a citizen in the Philippines you must: First. He must be not less than twenty-one years of age on the day of the hearing of the petition; Second. He
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What is the process by which a foreign born person becomes a citizen of the US?

The process is called naturalization. The first step in applying for citizenship through naturalization is to enter the US and secure a green card in order to establish perman