If your boyfriend admits that he cheated with two girls while you were separated is it unrealistic to want him to stop being around them?

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Dee - do you mean separated as in 1) broke up or just 2) not in the same location? If number 1, then he wasn't cheating. If number 2, then, no, your're not being unreasonable.  
I've been there. Separated or together it doesn't matter. He has no business hanging out with ex-lovers no matter what the excuse, it makes you uncomfortable and that's reason enough to drop them off his radar screen.  
Oh Yea, and if the "but they are my friends" conversation takes place, tell him REAL friends don't risk their friendship by becoming lovers.
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this is how . If you know he's cheating....why do you need him to admit it ;kick his but out and get you someone who will do you right\n. \nBuy some panties that r not you

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Sit down with him and have a long talk with him. Find out who he did it with, how many times and for how long. Find out if he regrets what he did and if he might do it again.

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