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If your boyfriend was put in jail for stealing something small and he shows off by telling lies does that make him a bad person or is he just being a guy?

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Bad? Not necessarily. But immature, untrustworthy, undependable and troubled - yes. Walk away. Run.  
Why do you have a boyfriend who's already a loser in the first place? Get your act together, educate yourself, and find your self worth, then hopefully you'll find a guy who isn't such a loser.  
Stealing and lying is just the beginning of a bad trip. He may not be a bad guy but one without morals. Eventually, that can come back to bite you. I had a boyfriend like that and he basically took advantage of everything and anybody. I dumped him with a big bang.
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Does your boyfriend want to break up if he just got out of jail and is being really distant with you?

Answer . \nBeing in jail or prison isn't the best experience anyone can have. Depending on what he was in jail for, I would rethink about getting back with him. IF, he is

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If you tell a guy you got drunk last night and they tell you they did that too does that mean that they really did that or are they just trying to show off?

Answer   Trying to show off just like you were.   Answer   Young, old, older are simply 'sloppy drunks' and there is nothing attractive about it and it appears so

Can you tell if a person lies?

  Yeah its possible to tell, only by there body language and if you ask them the same question the second time on a different occasion.   For example look at there eyes