If your ex was granted custody and you pay child support how do you proceed when your 16-year-old desires to live with you full-time instead and how do you reverse the child support?

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Change of custody and/or child support can only be done through the appropriate court procedures. The person must file a petition to modify/amend the original orders in the court of jurisdiction. Support orders must be adhered to until a a ruling is made on the status, if this is not done, the person ordered to pay the support could possibly be found in contempt of a court order.
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My exwife and I have joint custody so no one has ever paid child support My son decided to live with his mom full-time and doesn't want any visitation am I obligated to pay my ex child support?

no you are not if he chooses to live with her full time. You would only be responsible for paying child support IF the court ordered such, which would require a hearing to

What do you do if child lives with you and you pay child support?

Unless you are paying arrearages you can go to court and ask that the custody order be modified to reflect the current custody arrangement and also that the child support orde

With joint custody do you pay child support for the months the child lives with you?

Yes, this is an overal cost load for your portion of the child's care. It is independent of where the child is unless both parties agree to changes.. It also depends on what

Who pays child support if you have joint custody?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent. If the parties have shared custody the court will use state guidelines to determine if someone p