If your pregnant do you lose weight before you gain it?

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This is not uncomman and usually only happens during the first 3 (max) months. Answer yes particulearly if you are feeling queasy and eating less.  But it is a well known fact that you will loose before you gain
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How do you lose water weight gain?

60 oz distilled water. 1 tbs of sugerfree cranberry juice. 1 dandeline root tea bag. 2 tbs of lemon juice. Drink for 1 week

How do people gain and or lose weight?

People gain weight if the food they eat contains more energy than what they use by moving around and staying alive. People lose weight of the food they eat contain less energy

Which is faster gaining or losing weight?

It depends. Gaining is faster if you focus on pounding food. For a lot of people it is definitely easier (and this faster). But losing weight might be faster if you find yo

Does eatting before bed help you lose or gain weight?

The most important thing is how much you've eaten during the whole day. It's the total number of calories that count the most. But generally speaking food means energy, so it'

Do you gain or lose weight with Ensure?

you have to calculate the amount of calories and fat that you are consuming in total for the day. if you only drink a can of ensure as a meal substitute and maintain a low fat
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How does the body gain and lose weight?

Your gains weight through "calories". If you are going to be on a diet, you should stick to a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet and daily exercises. Though currently I'm on the heavier
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What does losing weight or gaining weight depend on?

it all really depends on your intake of carbohydrates and fatty foods e.g. white bread, pasta etc. because your body can use either fat or carbohydrates for energy when you do