In Fahrenheit 451 Why does Mrs Phelps cry when she hears Montag read Dover Beach?

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Montag's reading of "Dover Beach" stirs Mrs. Phelp's emotions which have long been blocked by the city's culture, mass media, etc.
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Why does montag read Dover Beach allowed to the ladies?

The poem is also symbolic of their society. It talks about howfaith used to be full but is now "retreating, to the breath of thenight wind" leaving only "naked shingles of the

Why is the poem Dover Beach in Fahrenheit 451?

Read the poem. It is about loss of faith and ignorance. Darkness and loss of faith as Montag learns what he is missing. The allusion leads to why the women cry and what they a

In Fahrenheit 451 What does Montag hear in the Seashell?

Montag hears Fabers voice through the seashell. It is a device that Faber made in his spare time and uses it to communicate with Montag Until beaty find it just before Beatty
In Fahrenheit 451

What does mrs phelps say about the war and her husband in Fahrenheit 451?

Mrs. Phelps says that according to the Army, the war is supposed to be quick; only forty-eight hours and then they would send her husband right back home. About her husband, s
In Fahrenheit 451

How do the women react to Montag's reading of Dover Beach in fahrenheit 451?

The women all have very strong reactions after Montag finishes reading the poem to them, after being denied the ability to feel for so long by the mass media and culture, its