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In ICT what is informal information?

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What does target audience mean in ICT - Information Communications Technology?

A target audience is a specific group of people that a product or  message is aimed at. A target audience can be formed by age,  gender, marital status, etc., or a combinati

What is informance?

student-centered group displays created to showcase academic progress through music, visual arts, drama, dance, readings, songs, and other performance-based activities.

What is formal and informal source of information?

Formal source of information=Formal source of information is the information gathered directly from the respondent and includes questionnaires, observations,etc Informal sour

What is information technology information broker?

A 'broker', according to sources such as Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a person or entity that is empowered, often for a fee, to act as an intermediary, agent, or executor fo

What is information?

Information is data that is conveyed or represented by a particular  arrangement or sequence of things.

Example informative informative?

  an informative paragraph explains something or gives direction-its facts- it can be the process of something

What does information security protect information from?

Let's just say you have lots of vital information such as customer specifics, technological discovery that you'd want to implement into your company's operations, etc. You'd w

What is informal?

it is when you talk slang to your mates slang mean like the opposite of formal for example wicked minor bloke peas bevy etc..

A geographic information system is information that is what?

Geographic information is information that has some spatial  component, usually in relation to the earth. The information is  stored in spatial co-ordinates and can be one o