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In ICT what is informal information?

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What is informance?

student-centered group displays created to showcase academic progress through music, visual arts, drama, dance, readings, songs, and other performance-based activities.

What is informal?

it is when you talk slang to your mates slang mean like the opposite of formal for example wicked minor bloke peas bevy etc..

What can you do with information?

Anything really, you could write a report about it you could just take it as a learning experience you could share it with people you know if it is interesting or you could ev

What does target audience mean in ICT - Information Communications Technology?

A target audience is a specific group of people that a product ormessage is aimed at. A target audience can be formed by age,gender, marital status, etc., or a combination of

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This site is all about information. State what you need.
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What is an informer?

Another word for snitch...get paid to give the police information
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What is an informed?

having or showing knowledge of a particular subject orsituation. "an informed readership" synonyms:. knowledgeable, enlightened, literate,educated; More. sophisticated, c