In high school what sport is most likely to attract a girl to you?

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The answer to that is probably football if Canada hockey and everywhare else soccer
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Do most high school girls have boyfriends?

Answer . I didn't, and most of my friends didn't, and I think we were better off that way. We had friends that were girls, and friends that were boys, but it was platonic.

Why are girls so attracted to hot guys in high school?

Answer 1 (Girl): I am a high school girl, and I am very attracted to hot guys because they're, well, hot. They are tall, muscular, and they smell good. Biologically, I am pr

How do you get a girl in high school to like you?

TRUST ME THIS IS WORTH TO READ. STRAIGHT OUT ANSWER PUBLISHED (3/20/12) (Im a guy that goes to High School); I have great experience with girls and I am happy to answer

What sport do most girls like to play?

They mostly enjoy volleyball. But it also depends on what the girl likes to play there are tons of sports that girls can play but which one they choose is on there likes and

How do you get a girl to like you in high school?

Getting to know her: First, you should find ways to be around her more. Try joining aclub she's in, or sit next to her in class. Of course, be sure notto appear as if you're