Is Israel in Palestine?

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Yes and No. Palestine has two different definitions and Israel has two definitions.

Palestine 1: All of the lands of the former British Mandate of Palestine.
Palestine 2: All of the lands not under Israeli control in 1950 that serve as the basis for any current two-state proposal for the State of Palestine.

Israel 1: All of the lands under Israeli control in 1950.
Israel 2: All of the lands under Israeli control, both military and civil as of 2012.

Now for the spatial relationships.
Israel 1 is entirely within the borders of Palestine 1, but smaller (78%)
Israel 1 (78%) + Palestine 2 (22%) = Palestine 1
Israel 2 and Palestine 2 overlap in much of the West Bank Territories. Israel 2 and Israel 1 overlap in all of Israel 1's territories. Israel 2 does not control the Gaza Strip territories which are part of Palestine 1 and Palestine 2. Israel 2 also controls some Syrian territory not in either Palestine.

Is it palestine or israel?

Israel is Israel and Palestine is Palestine. Confusion occursbecause both things refer to an extant piece of land with peopleliving on it, a nationality, an ethnicity, and a p

When did Israel attack Palestine?

Answer 1 Never did. The Palestinians and Arabs attacked the state of Israel in November 1947 after the UN partition resolution. Answer 2 Always did. After the WW2 the

Is Palestine now Israel?

No. Israel is Israel and Palestine is Palestine. Confusion occurs because both things refer to an extant piece of land with people living on it, a nationality, an ethnicity

Is Palestine in Israel?

Answer 1 Palestine was the name given by Greek seafarers to the Levant, around the middle of the first millennium BCE, because of the Philistines they found along the southe

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Why did Israel declare war on Palestine?

Israel has never actually declared war on Palestine. If you are referring to a specific war between Israel and Hamas or the general causes of the Israeli Occupation of the Wes

Can there be peace between Israel and Palestine?

A number of things would have to take place before a long-standing peace (as opposed to a mere cessation of hostilities) could take place. There are other requisites, but ther

Is Bethlehem in Israel or palestine?

Technically it isn't. At the moment, Bethlehem is in the Palestinian controlled West Bank. However, geographically , it is in the territory that is traditionally known as Isra

Was Israel leased out by Palestine?

No. No country is leased by or to another country. Additionally, Palestine had no ability to lease out territory given that it was not a country at the time of Israel's indepe

Why does Israel not like Palestine?

The question is simultaneously loaded and meaningless. Israel defends its land and its citizens against terrorist incursions, waves of rocket launches, or military invasi
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Who is the bad guy Israel or Palestine?

ISRAEL ===== Palestine! Israel is God's chosen people. ===== Another contributor conjectured: Maybe a big part of the problem over there is the attitude that th
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Why did Israel choose Palestine to occupy?

Answer 1 On land set aside by a majority vote in the UN General Assembly, the residents of that land declared it a sovereign nation in May, 1948, and named it Israel. It was
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What does Palestine do to Israel?

According to an article in FrontPage Magazine "F ROM 1949 to 1956, Egypt waged a terror war against Israel, launching c. 9,000 attacks from cells set up in the refugee camps o
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Did Israel conquer Palestine or did Palestine conquer Israel?

It is a difficult question to answer. If we review ancient history, Israel was there 5 thousand years go till about year 0. In early 20th century Israeli was mainly populate
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How did Israel get Palestine?

There are two definitions for the term "Palestine". One refers to Mandate for Palestine, which was a British Possession in the Middle East that was all of the land between the