Is Malaysia or Philippines bigger?

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Why Malaysia ignore the claim from Philippines?

Malaysia ignores the philippines calim of sabah. Because themalaysian goverment is currently profiting out of sabah which ispart of the philippines. If I were the sabahan I wo

Which is a better country Malaysia or Philippines. Why?

I think Philippines is Better... It's not the fact that I'm a Filipino but I find it way better than Malaysia. The Philippines' worse is it has an unstable government,polluti

How long is the flight from Malaysia to the Philippines?

A random search for flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Manila (MNL) shows: OPTION 1: 3hr 50min Nonstop KUL - MNL Malaysia Airlines Flt 704 Dep 12:00pm 18 Mar,Thu Flight D

Is Malaysia bigger than the UK?

Yes, Malaysia covers more than 329 thousand sq km while United Kingdom only covers more than 249 thou. sq km. However, United Kingdom has three times more population than Mala

Why did Malaysia stole sabah from the Philippines?

Because of the oil and money the malaysia goverment is so greedy.Malaysia is currently profiting out of sabah which is part of thephilippines if I were the sabahan I would hav