Is Toronto the capital city of Canada?

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No, Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Toronto is the capital city of the Province of Ontario. Prior to Confederation (1867) Toronto had twice been the seat of government of the united Province of Canada (1849-1852; 1856-1858). Prior to that, Toronto had been the capital of the colony of Upper Canada. Toronto is currently the capital of the Province of Ontario, and has been such since Confederation.

Toronto is, however, the financial capital of Canada, the cultural capital of English Canada, and the largest city in Canada.

(We Torontonians also like to claim that Toronto is the centre of the Universe.)
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Why is Toronto the capital of Canada?

Toronto isn't the capital of Canada, it's only a provincial capital. Ottawa is the federal capital. Both are located in the province of Ontario. Before Ottawa became the na

Was Toronto ever capital city of Canada?

Toronto was the capital of Upper Canada before it was united with Lower Canada to become the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. The capital of this united province alternat

Is Toronto a capital city?

Yes, Toronto is a capital city. It is the capital city of the province of Ontario in Canada.