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Is Yontoo Layers Safe?

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I use it as well and I love it, my computer isn't slow at all...it all depends on your internet connection type. Also, when you first install, IN BOLD, they state that PageRage is ad-supported, so you just have to read what you are installing. I find the ads not intrusive at all. Works great!

Yea -- I've been using it for a while. It is safe and it's pretty cool, too.

But, it slows the page down a lot, and it also adds advertisements without warning.
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Is yontoo 1.10.02 a virus?

Pay atention: It´s a malware what capturate your  informations on browsers and sell it'' and also give you  annoying pop ups about unknown sellers.It´s basically a spybot (MORE)

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What is yontoo 2.053?

Yontoo 2.053 is a highly inifectious form of spyware that can  render your computer useless if not removed quickly.

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Is safe links safe?

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Is yontoo Technologys safe?

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