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Is a concrete or fiberglass pool better?

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Fiberglass is because concrete will crack Yes I agree also, because we had a concrete pool when I was growing up and we were always repairing leaks, maybe the pool was just bad, but now that we purchased a fiberglass pool. We love the pool and it does not require much maintenance. We're going on 6 years with the pool and it still looks new.
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Which pool is better - fiberglass or plaster?

It's A Matter of Opinion . That is a lot like the Question: Which is better Ford,Chevy or GMC. It is all personal preference. A pool manufacturer has to meet strict guideli

Which is better a fiberglass or gunite pool?

I think gunite, they stay looking good for longer and when they they tart to look a bit lack luster in time you can refurbish them to look like new again far more easily then

Can you build a new pool with a vinyl liner or fiberglass inside an existing concrete pool that has seen better days without excavating the old concrete?

I believe you can. I had an estimate to fibreglass line my pool which was previously lined with vinyl. The tech came out and said they would take the liner out, prepare the su

Which pool is better - fiberglass or in-ground with a liner?

you will find that people will swear by either method and then others will say in ground gunite or concrete is best . If properly maintained they are all much of a muchness. f

What are the disadvantages in fiberglass relining of fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool?

What we are about to show you are the facts about toxic fiberglass products and why Epoxy is becoming so popular today . . First of all Polyester and Vinyl ester resins are

What is the difference between concrete and fiberglass pools?

Answer . Fiberglass pools are made from a pre-fabricated mold consisting of several layers of material and spray-on adhesives. It is realtively tough and durable but a ho

Why is concrete cracking all around your fiberglass pool?

Answer 1 . By "...concrete...all around..." you mean the "deck," or walk. If that is the question, then the answer is as follows.. Your concrete walk is cracking for one o

Which is better fiberglass gunite liner pool?

I have a gunite that I absolutely love, 10 years old. No problems, I drain and clean every two years, still looks awesome. No cracks, chips or stains. Just give it a little TL

What is better a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool?

A concrete pool keeps looking better for longer and will outlast a fibreglass pool.. Fibreglass pool maufacturers offer guarantees of between 10-20 years. This gives some ide

What costs more fiberglass or concrete pools?

The cost of a fiberglass or concrete pool depends on what part of the country you live in. In much the United States, especially southern regions, a fiberglass pool can cost m