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The experts at Advanced Pool Coatings have been installing fiberglass coatings over vinyl liner pools for over 30 years. You can read more at:

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Q: If you have a vinyl liner pool sides are fiberglass in concrete bottom is concrete mixture liner sets on how can you convert it to fiberglass?
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If your pool is made of both fiberglass and cement or gunite and the sides are fiberglass but the bottom is either cement or gunite is this a fiberglass pool that was filled with cement?

No. An older (possibly better) type of Fiberglass pool was constructed in this manner, with a concrete/Gunnite/Marcite trowled bottom and Fiberglass panels at the side of the pool. Panels are caulked together along vertical joints. Actually not a bad deal, but caulked joints must be maintained. Once the concrete starts showing through at the bottom of the pool, its time to drain and resurface. Bottom of pool should be acid washed every 3-5 years to keep it sparkling and remove mold, mildew, stains. If bottom surface is chipping off, its getting close to time to resurface bottom of pool. Bottom is treated just like any concrete/gunite/Marcite pool surface. Sides are simply brushed, caulked in timely manner.

What was the pantheon built with?

The Pantheon was made of stone, concrete, and over five different concrete mixtures. The dome had a heavier concrete mixture on the bottom, getting lighter as it got higher.

Can you drain a fiberglass in ground swimming pool?

No!!! Under no circumstances should you drain a fiberglass in-ground pool. Unlike the standard in-ground pool, the fiberglass pool base is unreinforced concrete or other hard surface material that was applied directly to the soil in a thin layer. It is only there to allow the fiberglass to be sprayed on and form a hard shell. The weight of the water is what holds the fiberglass in place. If you drain the pool without refilling it immediately, you will allow external ground pressures and/or ground water to buckle the sides or bottom and you will have the fiberglass completely redone.

How do you secure studs to a concrete floor?

Attach your bottom plate 1st then attach studs to the bottom plate. The bottom plate can be fastened by using concrete nails or concrete anchor bolts.

Do fiberglass pools have ripples on the bottom after they are installed?

Under no condition do fiberglass pools have "ripples" on the bottom after they are installed. Of course, the pool could have been damaged in some way, then improperly repaired, before or after it was installed.

Are concrete or steel walls better for an inground swimming pool?

Steel walls are currently the lowest quality wall for a swimming pool, with the exception of Cyprus wood (if still available). Concrete (not gunite) is superior to any other wall, but a pool with concrete walls generally also has a concrete bottom. In other words, it is a concrete swimming pool. The most popular wall today for vinyl liner pools is fiberglass and, with the possible exception of concrete, is the best possible choice.

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Can you put a vinyl pool liner on bare dirt?

There are two parts to all vinyl liner pools, i.e. the walls, the bottom. The walls are nearly always the first 3 1/2' down from the top, and the bottom is the rest of the pool. In other words, everything below the wall, even the vertical part below the wall, is called the "bottom" along with the flat horizontal section. The walls cannot be dirt. They can be galvanized steel, fiberglass, concrete, or even wood (cypress). The bottom can be dirt, but a mixture of cement/vermiculite is highly recommended. This will help maintain the dimensions of the pool and will not wash away, or erode, as time passes. A dirt bottom can work in an extremely dry climate which sees no rain or snow on a year round basis. But even then, rodents can cause serious problems when the bottom is dirt. I recommend fiberglass walls with a cement/vermiculite bottom. -Good luck.

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With dirt at the bottom of a jar filled with water the mixture is called a?

This is a homogeneous mixture.

How do you get the tub treads off the bottom of your fiberglass tub?

run hot water and soap in the tub and scrub

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