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Is a salt water swimming pool or an ozone swimming pool healthier if your dog drinks the water?

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I suspect that you're asking if it's better to have a chlorinated pool..the chlorine being produced by a generator producing chlorine from salt..or a pool without chlorine, that is sanitized by some sort of ionization equipment. Since the ion type cleaners add no chemicals to the water, they are preferred to the chlorine type in many cases. I doubt if drinking occasionally from a chlorinated pool would cause harm. However, I recommend you ask your vet and/or your pool chemical supplier. They should know.
Your swimming pool water and your tap water are extremely close in chemicals used. The tap water in your area is treated the same way your swimming pool is.Chlorine .5 to 3.0 with a pH somewhere between 7.0 and 8.0 with the exception of Alkalinity which bounces around throughout the year.The salt content in a swimming pool is 3000ppm salt to water which has less salt than your body.None of which can or will hurt your Dog.Which by the way is a very smart Animal and it would know the difference between good or bad.
Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical  I think that chlorinated water would be better, but still it depends on the type of dog you are have. You should never let your dog drink chlorinated water.  
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What are side effects of dogs drinking and swimming in salt water pools?

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  A salt water pool in most cases uses a salt water chlorinator. It converts sodium chloride (Salt) to sodium hypochlride (chlorine) so you still have a chlorinated pool.

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I think we have all done it. It can upset your stomach, but it won't have any lasting effects in small quantities. I wouldn't go for drinking pool water, but swallowig a small
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