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Is birds custard kosher and parev?

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Bird's Custard Powder is kosher and parev. Instant, Instant Low Fat, and Ready To Serve are all kosher but dairy (not chalav yisrael).
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Is butter pareve?

no butter is dairy some margarines are parve if they don't have animal fat

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What is Pareve?

Pareve     Foods that are neither meat nor dairy are called pareve (also "parevine") in Judaism. This means that they contain absolutely no meat or dairy derivatives,

Does pareve mean kosher?

No, but pareve is a part of kashrut. Within the laws of kashrut, foods fall into one of three categories: dairy, meat, pareve. Pareve refers to neutral foods that do not c

Are all pareve items kosher?

No. For instance, fruit from a tree that is less than three years old is neither meat nor dairy, but it isn't kosher. And many fish are not kosher. Eggs with blood spots are n

What is the difference between kosher and pareve?

  Kosher means the food is allowed to be consumed by a Jewsihperson, Pareve simply means it's neither milk nor meat the most common examples are fish, eggs, and produce.

What is kosher or who is kosher?

The literal translation of the word kosher is 'fit'. Kosher is primarily used in reference to food that has been prepared and eaten according to 'kashrut' or Jewish dietary la

What is pareve margarine?

kosher margarine, parve means neutral, containing no meat or milk (or their derivatives) and thus eatable with both meat and dairy dishes according to the dietary laws of Juda

What is kosher?

"Kosher" refers to the dietary laws prescribed by the Torah (the first five books of the Jewish Bible, which contain the 613 commandments which the Jewish people are required

What is the difference between kosher and pareve items?

Kosher literally means 'fit'. When food is kosher it means that the food was prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). (meat- animals that chew their cud an
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What is custard?

Custard is any of a variety of food preparations based on a mixtureof milk or cream, and egg yolk. Varieties of custard include cremeanglaise, a pouring sauce, to crème pâti

What is not kosher?

The word for foods that aren't kosher is 'treif' which means broken. Any food item that is not prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) is considered treif
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What is the custard?

A custard is a sweet dessert made of eggs, milk(or cream), sugar and flavoring like vanilla and nutmeg which is baked in the oven in a bain-marie (water bath) until the custar