Is gentle magic a skin lightening product?

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It is possible that you are correct. It is worth noting that such products do not produce good results. Most contain ingredients which are incredibly harmful to skin. Some of these ingredients are illegal. That said, you will notice that there is hardly anything on the internet regarding 'Gentle Magic' products or their manufacturers. What reputable brand does not have a website? On the product packaging itself, nothing is said about the ingredients used. Other than that it is 'all natural'. It neither smells nor does it look natural! Everything about 'Gentle Magic' products is very suspicious. I for one would be very wary of using such products.
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How can you lighten your skin?

To whiten skin, you can use several whitening products. 1. To whiten skin in the face, you can use the egg white mask. it can whiten skin and tighten pores. How to use:

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No it makes your skin become oily and your skin becomes patchy it depends how dark you are really.the darker yoy are the better the results...

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My son (9 years old) and I (39 years old), have been using the Gentle Magic soap for about a year now. It has cleared up the pimples on his forehead and nose considerably. It

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