Is having a hairy butt an off thing?

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Not to a caveman.
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Why aren't baboon butts hairy?

because they sit on it all day and if they did have hair on their butts we wouldn't be able to laugh at them and insult

Do men have hairy butts?

Some do, it's basically pubic hair. We get a anus and hairy bum cheeks but not everyone does. Not trying to be gross but I have a bit of hair around my anus and it doesn't mak

Is having a hairy vagina normal?

I should think its normal, but for models no! They need to prefect! completely hairless on their flairless bodies. So I wouldn't put too much thought into it. Another importan

Why do guinea pigs have hairy butts?

Guinea Pigs have hairy bottoms because God made them that way and because it would be very cold down there if they did not have the hair. That's why we wear pants so that won'

Why girls having hairy vagina?

Maybe there afraid to shave it. They might not want a naked pussy! There's nothing wrong with it! It's natural! Some guys like it!
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Is having a hairy butt unattractive if your gay?

Not if you like them hairy. Like many other things in society, both straight and gay the perceived ideal is something advertising has made people believe is the right thing. I
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Is having a big butt a good thing?

Depends on how you look at it. If you like having a big butt then it's a good thing and if you don't then...