Is it a real Chanel bag 13297126?

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Without looking at the bag this question can't be answered.
Without seeing the bag the question can't be answered. There are other factors to determine if it is authentic.
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What stores do you go to get a chanel bag?

To ensure you are buying an authentic Chanel bag, it is best to go to the Chanel Boutique or authorized Chanel retailers like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's,

How much is a chanel 2.55 bag for?

An authentic Chanel 2.55 will cost not less than $1600. If you cannot afford the big money, a high-quality replica chanel bag would be a good alternative for you.

What is the price for chanel 2.55 bag?

The small 2.55 Reissue (225) now costs 3900 USD. A new Chanel bag worth owning will cost well over 3000K. You can get a bag for a better price at any of the legitimate shoppin

How do spot a fake chanel bag?

1. Material (does it look cheap? Is the metal plastic? Is the leather not leather?) 2. Size (is it the size of most chanel bags?) 3. Defects (don't let the seller tell you

Are real chanel bags ever made in china?

They are made by Chinese laborers in italy. This is welldocumented. You can read about in the New York Times or you canread about it the 2007 book about the Naples mafia, Gomm

Is Chanel bag serial 7614176 real?

The number may be 'real'. That does not mean the bag you have is 'real'. Counterfeiters are very good at producing fakes that appear to be the genuine article. It you boug