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Is it considered stealing if you are changing custody and you move all your belongings from your mother's house to your father's house?

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No, such action would be of a civil nature not a criminal one.
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If a 17-year-old moves out of their mother's house into their father's can the mother force them to come back and would the father be arrested?

I can well understand this custody business is very hard on you. No  one likes to see their parents split up. I suggest that you get  both your parents together and discuss

Can you move out of your mother's house in Wisconsin if you are 16 and financially fit?

  Answer   Not without parental consent. If you leave home without parental consent, then Mom can report you (and I'm sure WILL report you) as a runaway, and you wil

Can a 16-year-old move out of her mother's house in Alabama and move in with her uncle and aunt in Missouri without being considered a runaway?

  Answer     The age of majority is 19 in alabama, so yes your mother could cause problems especially if she knows where your going. I mean even when your 18 you

If you're 17 and want to move out of your aunt's house but into the custody of your mother's house or older sister but your aunt won't sign over her guardianship can you legally leave anyway?

Answer . \nNo, when a person has been awarded legal custody of a minor, only the court can terminate the order. If the guardian choses to relinquish custodial rights they m

How can you move out of your mother's house at age 16 in Texas?

  Live with a relative   Go live with a relative. I did this when I was that old. I went to live my aunt and uncle in Calif and graduated from high school there.  

Does a 17-year-old who moved in with his mother in Texas after being kicked out of his custodial father's house have to live with his mother until he is 18.?

I am not sure about Texas law but I know that in Michigan a 17 year old can move out without consent of their parents. Try googling "emancipation Texas" to see what pops up. I

In Alberta what is the age you can move out of your mother's house and into your mother's ex-boyfriend's house?

  Answer     It would never make any sense to do this at any age. Even if the boyfriend was never in a parental role, this man was with your mother, and to some

How can children move from their mother's home into their father's home when the parents share joint custody?

The judge should not have a problem with the child's best interest. The father would need to file a petition for primary custody before the child could legally change residen

Can a 16-year-old move into her father's house without her mother's consent?

Answer   No, not just arbitrarily. You would need to secure court consent or a court order for this, otherwise it could land your father with legal problems.   If the

Did Dustin Michael Breeding move out of his mother's house?

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