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Is it illegal to have a slot machine in the privacy of your home in the state of Louisiana for entertainment purposes only?

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Based on the keyword of "entertainment", I would assume it wouldn't be illegal in any state. You're not winning any real money anyway, so go for it. Actually... In Louisiana, you may own (for your own entertainment) a slot machine that is 25 years or older. For the specific regulations, check your State's website. Start here: http://www.dps.state.la.us/lgcb/ Bring a newer slot machine to Louisiana from Texas and you could find yourself spending way too much quality time with your local legal system. Additional Answer: Legality for possession of slot machines, even just for home use, varies widely from state to state. Example, any machine is prohibited in Tennessee, but any machine is legal in Minnesota. Most states however, have laws based on the age of the machine, usually it must be 25 years old. Check here: http://www.ohiogaming.com/legalstates.htm
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