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Is it legal in KY for the lender to garnish your income taxes?

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noboby can garnish your income tax except for the government. Unless they take you to court. If they do that file chapter 7.
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How do you know if your income tax return will be garnished from default student loan?

You can call the Department of Treasury. 1-800-304-3107. This is an automated system where you just put in all of your information and they will tell you whether an offser wil

ON a defaulted student loan how can garnished income tax returns be stopped?

Government (backed) Student Loans (like a few other things...child support, legal fines, that type of thing) are given a special, very priority place as an obligation in most

Are garnishments taken before taxes?

  Answer   No.   Wage garnishment applies to "disposable income" which is the amount that is left after all deductions have been made.

Can retirement income be garnished by creditors?

Yes, that is true but the bank can go to court and get a judgment against you then call the county sheriff to go to your house and seize your personal assets from your house t

Can Social Security income be garnished?

  Answer   No, ordinary creditors can't garnish Social Security benefits. However, the IRS can. This is a relatively recent program. If your Social Security benefi

Can a credit card garnish your state income tax check?

  Yes, certainly. Anyone can garnish any asset you have, as long as they have a court order to do so. That's what protection from search or seizure without due process of

Can they garnish my tax income check?

If this is about the income tax refund offset program through the FMS. You can use the below enclosed information and phone number. The Department of Treasury's Financial Ma

Can your federal and state income taxes be garnished due to creditors?

  Yes, the state and the government can garnish your income tax return. Call and make arrangements before this happens as this will involve several people at your employme

If I am in voluntary repayment for student loans can my income tax refund be garnished?

Yes, if you are in a Default Status for your Federally Guaranteed student loans, then your tax refund will be withheld. It does not matter that you are voluntarily repaying.