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Is it possible for a Narcissist in a loveless marriage to fall in love with someone else and be a better person?

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Anything is possible these days as we all want to be loved and if we are in a useless marriage where's the fun in that. Answer Narcissists "fall in love" in the idealization stage. They become a "Better Person" only because they are pretending to be what the idealized target wants him to be. He can only pretend so long (because he is ....human ???) The facade crumbles at the precise moment he realizes the other to be a human being with human needs and emotion. Trust me I have seen this before my very eyes when i first though as you did that he met soul mate and was a better person - so he appeared to be. Thing is all of his loveless realtionships were at one time idealized and reeked of true love when he first met them. Yes all of us want to be loved but for the N he has no reference point of love and cannot maintain a meaningfull relation ship with another human being. It can only be with an image of himself and what he idealizes in another person which is really an extension of himself. It has nothing to do with who the other person really is. Answer Don't forget that may have told you he was in a loveless marriage but did his wife tell you that too? I suspect not. Yes and yet it was loveless for HIM because narcs are incapable of loving. So don't think for one second that he has "fallen in love" with you. He hasn't. And he will never love you either. You are an object to him. Sorry
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