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Is lacrosse the national sport of Canada?

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"In 1994, Bill C-212 was introduced to officially declare hockey as Canada's national sport. Opposition came from supporters of lacrosse who wanted to recognize the traditional and cultural significance of this sport. Consequently, Bill C-212 was amended to recognize both sports. Thus, on May 12, 1994, Canada's National Sport Act (Bill C-212) became law, reading: "To recognize hockey as Canada's National Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport". While hockey's popularity is unquestionable - especially in Canada, lacrosse is still enjoyed by Canadians and has gained popularity in the United States, England, Ireland, and Scotland." Website: http://www.craigmarlatt.com/canada/symbols_facts&lists/symbols.html
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What are the enjoyment benefits of the sport lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a wonderful game enjoyed by many Americans each and every day. Many people enjoy playing lacrosse. When a poll was taken of 38,000 American households, 99.8% said

What are the national sports in Canada?

One of the first Canadian sport was invented by the Native Canadians. It was called Lacrosse. Hockey is also a Canadian sport that I believe was invented after lacrosse. It's

What is the national sport of Canada?

Canada's National Sport was declared as lacrosse. However, now the  national sport of Canada is shared by lacrosse and ice hockey as of  1994.

What is the sport lacrosse?

lacrosse is a sport that is a mix of football,soccer, and hockey.  native americans used lacrosse to train warriors for war against  other tribes or they just played other t

Where did the sport of Lacrosse originally come from?

Lacrosse originated as stickball played by Native Americans many centuries ago. The actual game of lacrosse originated in the early 17th century in the Americas.

What is canadas national sport?

lacrosse is our national sport even though we play hockey more. But after 1994 hockey became our witer national sport and lacrosse our summer national sport

When did lacrosse become a official sport?

  Im not sure when it officialy became a sport. it used to be a fightiong technique. Indians would take rocks and put them in their versions of lacrosse sticks and hit the

What math is used in the sport of lacrosse?

  Geometry! The goalie needs to know angles so they can block the shot. And you need to know how much you need to follow through with your pass to make it accurate or to
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Why is lacrosse canadas national sport?

Lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport and was declared more so in hommage to the country's aborigine population who first played the game rather than in popularity. In Ca
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National winter sport of Canada?

hockey obviously! you could practically say that most Canadians lives are ran by hochey!i think that lacrosse is the official summer sport because of it's aboriginal relations

Why is lacrosse different from other sports?

Like in hockey, they use sticks, but carry a ball in a net at the end of them and may hit their opponents stick or body.It is played on a field similar to a soccer field, but