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Is lacrosse the national sport of Canada?

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"In 1994, Bill C-212 was introduced to officially declare hockey as Canada's national sport. Opposition came from supporters of lacrosse who wanted to recognize the traditional and cultural significance of this sport. Consequently, Bill C-212 was amended to recognize both sports. Thus, on May 12, 1994, Canada's National Sport Act (Bill C-212) became law, reading: "To recognize hockey as Canada's National Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport". While hockey's popularity is unquestionable - especially in Canada, lacrosse is still enjoyed by Canadians and has gained popularity in the United States, England, Ireland, and Scotland." Website: http://www.craigmarlatt.com/canada/symbols_facts&lists/symbols.html
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Why is lacrosse Canada's national sport?

The native americans were the creates of the game and was first  observed by the french settlers in Queebec. Canada adopted do to  the uniqueness it had to canada

How did lacrosse become Canada's national sport?

Although Lacrosse was played by First Nations people in Canada for centuries, it was only declared the national summer sport in 1994, in response to Nelson Riis's move to decl

Why are national sports hockey and lacrosse in Canada?

These two games are in Canada , mainly as hockey is a snow game , and Canada has a cold climate. While lacrosse isa game invented by the American Indians. And so it is played

Why is lacrosse canadas national sport?

Lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport and was declared more so in hommage to the country's aborigine population who first played the game rather than in popularity. In Ca

What sport is Canada national sport?

Lacrosse referred to as simply "hockey", is Canada national sport. A fast paced game, lacrosse is played with a ball and a racquet, called a lacrosse "stick".