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The secret program is based on implantable 'Biomedical Technology', deployed surreptitiously for surveillance, torture, and covert behaviour modification activities conducted domestically.

RNM is very much 'a reality'. However, obtaining proofs to support the testimonies of 'Targets' on the web - although I do have several, which have taken me a decade to accumulate - is extremely difficult because there are International Intelligence Agency Agreements in place to suppress and deny any information relating to the use of this technology at all. It's categorized as 'Non Lethal Weaponry' and is undoubtedly being used by sanctioning governments around the globe for purposes of surveillance, the suppression of those they deem to be any form of threat by means of torturing them, or, simply just for the purpose of scientific experimentation. It's Fascist activity, highly illegal and offers/represents, via our own government institutions, a far greater threat to our civilian populations than any terrorist threat from the underground rogue organisations we hear so much about. There's also a media blackout in place concerning the covert use of the technology too.

I was actually told by Consultants at a hospital in London eight years ago now that I'd had 'Biomedical Implants' inserted into me during an operation I'd undergone historically - which for the record I have had. They explained it must have been done at such a time because I would have to have been placed under a general anaesthetic for such a procedure to be performed. What they told me these were are 'T-27 Biomedical Implants', which I was to learn are implants designed for (Non Human) Free Roaming Primates to enable scientists using specialist computers and software to monitor them remotely. The Consultants I've alluded to, as has been the case with every single person from within the state system since that's tried to help me, subsequently became inaccessible and living any semblance of a civilized existence - as it was for years beforehand - has been impossible. The physical and mental effects of these implants, and the beamed Radio Frequency Energy that's used to activate/control them, is totally debilitating and falls nothing short of being state sponsored TORTURE - and horrendous incessant torture at that.

I have MRI scans clearly showing implants in my head, including probes which are inserted into suture's of my brain and a letter from a very highly qualified doctor confirming that what they show are indeed foreign bodies. A letter which also explains that these implants can be palpated at the back of my mouth as well.

Yes, it is, I have been testing it for sometime. They have the stuff in your cell phone, radios, TV, laptops, computers, printers, cars, stereos, everything, phones. And yes they can hear and see your thoughts, and even put thoughts into your brain. Your body and brain emit brain radiation. Satellites can follow you through a day. Even the workplace is a site for testing, check the light fixtures and ceilings around you, often you can find a source of radiation. You can however test your home, office or equipment for it. There is a way to shield yourself from such activity. But alas, the stuff is in use in the US, has been since the 60's I think, and since World War II. I had originally heard of this back in the day, but never really believed it, until I decided to test it. I have been testing it for sometime. Makes for some interesting adventures, I'd care to think that privacy exists, but I have found that it really doesn't. Not even a thought is private anymore.
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